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Five Reasons to Invest in A Portable Generator

If you’ve never experienced the inconvenience of a neighborhood power outage, you may not feel the need to get a portable generator. However, there are many advantages to owning a portable generator today. Owning a portable generator offers a cost-effective alternative power during power outages, medical emergencies, and comfort on a weeklong camping trip.   …

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5 Jobs You Can Do Remotely (online)

Working-from-home; remote working; online jobs – these terms have become more common during the recent pandemic and consequent lockdowns. What used to be rather unusual has now become the norm – leading to more work-from-home job opportunities and remote working possibilities.   This blog post outlines 5 jobs that you can do remotely and don’t …

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A Trip to Xativa Castle

If you are looking for more beautiful places to visit in Spain be sure to also check out our post about The Enchanted City, Cuenca A Trip to Xativa Castle Located on a beautiful, imposing mountain above the town of Xàtiva, 34 miles south of Valencia, Xàtiva Castle predates Roman times. The strategically positioned twin …