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Disneyland Paris with older children

Tower of Terror, Disneyland

As the kids start to get older / taller, more rides at Disneyland become available to them. Both of my children are absolute thrill seekers – the faster/ higher/ scarier the better. Unfortunately, myself and Mr Evans are not blessed with the same adrenaline junkie attitude, and so there have been many times when a good old game of ” rock, paper, scissors” has determined who will be accompanying the smalls on to the more fearsome rides.

Below is a list of our favourite, or most memorable rides for slightly bigger children ( 6 years or 1.10m +)

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland

Where – Adventureland

Restrictions – none – but it may scare smaller children

Fastpass available – no

After making your way through dark caves you arrive at your designated boat. Climb aboard and set sail on a gripping adventure, battling pirates and navigating rough seas.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Disneyland

There are no restrictions on this ride but in our experience its best suited to 5 + years. Its quite dark in places and there are some rather fierce looking characters. There are two sudden, fairly fast descents where you are likely to be splashed.

Big Thunder Mountain 

Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland


Where – Frontierland

Restrictions – 1.02m +

Fastpass available – Yes

So much fun! One of the most popular rides. Off you go, aboard a speeding mine cart being towed by a runaway train. Get set for a thrilling journey of twists and turns, dips and darkness. Inside the mountain itself, amidst the darkness , there is an explosion followed by the sounds of a collapsing mineshaft….will your train escape ?  Its family friendly – fast and furious but no loop-the-loop!

Crush’s Coaster

Crush's Coaster, Disneyland

Where – Walt Disney Studios Park

Restrictions – 1.07m +

Fastpass available – No

Don’t be fooled by the cute turtle picture at the entrance and the romantic notion of finding Nemo…this rollercoaster is fast and furious! It starts quite sedately, and lures you into a false sense of calm as you travel through fluorescent scenes from Finding Nemo. Then it all changes as you are plunged into darkness and sent spinning and swooping (and in my case screaming) into a whirlpool of adventure. Four people sit in a car shaped like a turtle shell, two in front- two behind, facing back to back. I would label this an extreme ride, due to the speed, the spinning and the darkness. My daughter first rode it aged 5 and loved it but do remember that she is freakishly brave.

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror, Disneyland


Where – Walt Disney Studios Park

Restrictions – 1.02m (but this ride is super scary do use your discretion with younger guests)

Fastpass available – Yes

So, I’m just going to come out and say it. I have never ridden the Tower of Terror. Last time at Disneyland I was ride-shamed by my 5 yo daughter. (see picture above)

This review has been put together by me probing my children for information! The ride is really unique in its terror. A lot of the adrenaline comes from the production and build up. Before entering the lift you tour the infamously eerie Hollywood Tower Hotel. You enter a secret passage before finding yourself going inside a dilapidated looking service elevator. Here you are transported into the 5th dimension. Light bulbs buzz and flicker as you strap yourselves in before being launched upwards into darkness. At each stop the elevator doors creak open to display a different terrifying image. Let the shrieking commence as your elevator free falls down the abandoned shaft, before unexpectedly changing direction and launching upwards once again. At times the doors open to reveal your view of Disneyland from 13 stories high, before you plummet again at 39 mph!