Spain family road trip

A family road trip around Spain with small children may, on the surface, seem like a crazy idea. However, bear with me, because there are more benefits to this kind of holiday than you may at first think.  The most important thing to ensure that your time away is as stress free and enjoyable as possible is to embark on your journey in the right vehicle. Every family road trip we have ever done has been in a BMW

Apart from your obvious expectations from a family vehicle such as safety rating, driveability and economical factors, the BMW offers far more. It provides space, comfort and up to date technology. Trust me, all of these things are equally important on surviving long distances with kids.

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One of our family road trips took us from Portsmouth to Santander, across The Bay of Biscay via ferry. On the morning of our departure we had packed the car, with four weeks worth of family necessities (mostly kids stuff, obviously). The joy of the BMW is the unrivalled boot space. Everything fitted effortlessly leaving the kids with plenty of room in the back. One of the main benefits of taking a car on holiday as opposed to other forms of transport, is the ability to be able to take all their important bits and pieces (within reason!)

La Sagrada Familia

We disembarked in Santander and set off on our journey through Spain, our first destination being Vera, down in the south in Almeria – 1000km. The BMW just eats up the kms. Its so smooth, such a joy to drive and exceptionally economical.

Over the following days and weeks we weaved our way up the East coast, spending long lazy days on the beaches and exploring the idyllic Spanish towns and villages.

We played Cowboys and Indians in the Tabernas Desert, sailed with dolphins in Cabo de Gata, danced Flamenco in Valencia and visited Gaudi’s Cathedral in Barcelona. Doing a road trip in the car allows for this level of freedom and the ability to get so much more from visiting a country than you would if you just flew into one resort and spent all of your time there.

A common question that people ask is “What happens if you need a part for the car whilst your away?”.  This sort of concern conjures up thought of horror in the mind of many. The thought of being stranded abroad, needing a new headlight bulb or windscreen washer, not knowing where to get a replacement, not speaking the lingo. No need to panic at all. Your expert for BMW parts is called

You can order your parts cheaply, online and have them delivered anywhere in Europe quickly and without fuss.

On our trip the BMW safely navigated its was thought desert, mountain ranges, beaches and motorways.  It was a joy to drive, and kept our family safe and impatient to plan the next family road trip!