Pregnancy can be a wonderful time to go on holiday. You can make some treasured memories and really kick back and unwind before the whirlwind of the newborn days. There are also many pregnancy-friendly destinations to choose from, such as Neilson Beachclubs. This guide to holidays during pregnancy will help you plan the perfect babymoon or family get-away before the big arrival.

The Trimesters and Holidays

Each trimester of pregnancy has its own unique challenges and advantages as a time to travel.

First Trimester

First trimester can be rough for many mums-to-be. Whether you’re suffering from the dreaded morning sickness or fatigue has hit you hard, going on holiday might be the last thing on your mind. However, there’s nothing quite like a change of scenery to perk you up, and with proper planning a first-trimester holiday can still be a fantastic experience.


If you’re thinking of booking a getaway during your first trimester, here are a few tips that will help make it enjoyable.


  • Don’t overload your itinerary. Keep plans loose and prioritise downtime that will allow you to have long lie-ins, go at a slower pace, and take afternoon naps.



  • Pregnancy puts a greater demand on your body so it’s important to stay hydrated and rest when needed.


Second Trimester

Second trimester is generally considered the perfect time for a holiday during pregnancy. For most women, morning sickness will have eased off and energy levels will start to return.


If you enjoy family activity holidays, there are plenty of activities you can still enjoy during pregnancy, whether that’s watersports such as sailing or kayaking or winter sports such as skiing, which is considered safe up until the 20th week of pregnancy.


There are still a few things to bear in mind when planning a holiday for your second trimester of pregnancy.


  • Be aware of food hygiene and check if local tap water is safe. If in doubt, buy bottled water and avoid ice cubes in drinks.


  • Flying comes with an increased risk of blood clots (DVT) and this is heightened during pregnancy, particularly if flying long distance. To reduce your risk, get up and move around whenever you can, and do leg and foot exercises during your flight. You can also wear pressure stockings to help promote circulation in your lower legs.


  • Take out travel insurance before you go and check that your policy covers you for pregnancy-related treatment.


Third Trimester

How you feel in the third trimester will depend on many factors, such as how straightforward your pregnancy has been, how large your bump is, how many babies you’re having and your plans for the birth.


During this time, many women will experience physical discomfort when moving around due to the size and weight of their growing bump and their ligaments stretching and relaxing. Some women also experience a nesting instinct during this time, making them want to stay close to home and begin practical preparations for baby’s arrival.


All that said, the third trimester can also be the ideal time for some women to squeeze in a quick holiday before the birth, and relax into their last few weeks of pregnancy.


If you decide to take that last-minute babymoon, here are some tips for staying safe and comfortable when travelling in the latter stages of pregnancy.


  • If you’re travelling by car, be sure to wear your seatbelt with the lap strap flat under your bump.


  • Many airlines won’t allow you to fly during the last few weeks of pregnancy due to the increased likelihood of you going into labour during your flight. From 28 weeks onwards, they may ask you for a letter from a midwife or doctor confirming your due date, and suitability for air travel.



Holidays during pregnancy require a little extra planning and consideration but it’s well worth it to get away before the baby comes and life is turned upside down, at least for a short while! Planning your pregnancy holiday with a trusted provider, such as Neilson, can help ensure that your trip is a safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience.