Have you ever found yourself in a pickle where you have been thinking of hiring a car for either a business trip or a dream break but you don’t want to spend a fortune for this convenience? We are here to prove that this luxury can be made affordable with the right car hire hacks. Yes, there is such a thing, and all you need to do is read and save this article. Are you ready?

Hack 1: Compare prices

One of the most important things that you need to do before you make any decisions is to compare prices. For affordable car hire services, you can find a long and comprehensive list of various car sizes and power on holidaycars.com, making it super easy to compare them and discover the one that meets your criteria. A bonus tip here is that you should book the deal you’ve found on the site immediately. By simply booking a car in advance, you secure lower rates.

Hack 2: Look for discounts

Other price-related car hire hacks to keep in mind are the fact that there might be discount codes out there, and you may have no idea about them. You can rectify this situation by doing a google search. If you indeed find a valid promotional code, simply copy it into the appropriate field during the car hire checkout. Once you do that, you’ll see your final sum be magically reduced.

Hack 3: Check the policies and fees

One of the top expert strategies to economise and evade hire rip-offs is to read the agreement terms. Did you know that you may be charged extra simply because you are under 25 years old? Did you know that you may be charged a large sum of money if you return the car without refuelling? You may even need to pay a fine for driving the car for many kilometres. Being aware of the fuel policy, the mileage restriction, and other similar things, you know what to do and what to avoid doing.

Hack 4: Take a video of the car

One of the most important tips on how to evade hire rip-offs is to take a clear video of the condition of the car when you picked it up for the first time. It is not uncommon for a car hire company to charge clients for damages they did not cause. With video proof of existing marks and scars, you can avoid such concerns.

Hack 5: Avoid airports

Our last but not least car hire hack relates to the pick-up and drop-off location. In most cases, you should avoid airport car parks. Although they are super convenient, they are more expensive than locations outside the airport or in the city.