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Who is Ellie?

So, who is Ellie?

Not Princess D, as many assume. He is in fact Princess D’s beloved stuffed elephant, and she has been virtually inseparable from him almost since birth. He is exceptionally well travelled and literally like a third child for us – when doing  a head count anywhere in the world Ellie is included and if he is absent …well lets just say a mad panic ensues until he is located. Anyone with a child who has a strong bond with a cuddly toy will understand what an important part of life that character can become. We embrace it, we love involving Ellie in our travels and adventures and as Princess D grows older and her priorities inevitably change, with this website her love ( and ours !) for Ellie will be immortalised. As a parent it’s really very nice knowing that your child has something from which they can draw comfort and reassurance if you can’t be there at any time.