Bringing your kids on a cruise can be an ideal way to travel. It doesn’t take a lot for kids to get bored, so a floating resort can provide them with all the entertainment they could possibly need.

And with the younger members of the party occupied, you have the breathing space you need to sit back and enjoy your holiday!

Here are the factors you need to consider before you book your cruise holiday with the kids. 

  1. Choose the right cruise line & itinerary


Some cruise lines are more family-oriented than others, so don’t just book your trip with anyone.


Look out for cruise lines such as P&O Cruises which offer dedicated kids’ programmes, crazy golf and theatre performances. With the right mix of kids’ entertainment available, toddlers and teenagers alike can have a blast.


Find out what’s on the menus first too. Kids often have simpler tastes, but they can also be much more selective about what they eat! A family-friendly cruise line will offer cafes and restaurants with carefully compiled children’s menus.


  1. Pack strategically


If you’ve been on holiday with kids before, you may have found that it can be a little chaotic! Create a packing list beforehand so that you can tick things off as you go along and ensure nothing gets left behind. If your kids are an appropriate age, this might be a good time to teach them a few organisational skills by writing the list together!


Kids, of course, can be messy, so consider a few extra changes of clothes. Remember to pack any medication they may need, along with swimwear and sunscreen. This can save you a few potential dramas.


If it’s the first time cruising for you or any smaller family members, prepare yourself for the chance of motion sickness. Book your accommodation in the middle of the ship, where the waters are less choppy. Consult your pharmacist to see if there’s any medication you could bring, just in case.


  1. Utilise kids’ clubs


Kids’ clubs are essential for a family-friendly cruise ship. You need time to switch off properly and unwind, so don’t be afraid to use the kids’ clubs. Your youngsters can socialise with other kids their age and generally have a whale of a time.


Most cruise ships have a variety of clubs for different age groups that are supervised by youth counsellors. Most liners have activities from kids between 3-17, with some slight variations on this.  


  1. Plan port activities carefully


Of course, you guys won’t spend the whole time on the ship. You’ll have a choice between taking organised tours or independently roaming the port towns and cities.


If you want to go on one of the organised excursions, check that the level of activity is one all family members are capable of.


If you just want to freestyle, that can also be very rewarding! Plan a little itinerary for your family that takes into account mealtimes and walking abilities.


Don’t be too rigid about the plan though – the main thing is that everyone has fun and gets back to the ship in time.

Cruises are a fun way to travel that everyone can enjoy. There’s no more airport stress and the convenience of being taken to multiple destinations is undeniable. For a holiday that everyone can enjoy, just make sure you choose a family-friendly liner and have a fair idea of how you’ll structure your days beforehand.