We are huge Disneyland fans and a question that comes up time and time again are what are the best shoes to wear for Disney?  Have a look at some of my suggestions for the best shoes!  The links will take you through to Amazon and I will earn a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you!) I’d still recommend them regardless!

What are the best shoes to wear at Disneyland Paris?

best shoes to wear for Disneyland

This, my mouse loving friends, is a very important subject to consider whilst planning your trip – what are the best shoes to wear at Disneyland Paris? Amongst all the fun, excitement, fabulous rides and scrummy food, there’s the walking. Lots and lots of walking. So, the correct footwear is essential if you want to be comfortable.

What type of shoe is best for Disneyland Paris?

Ok, so heels are out of the question. Not only are you walking miles, sometimes on uneven terrain, but also many of the rides would be difficult to negotiate in heels. 

Sketchers at Disneyland Paris

My absolute favourites are these Skechers.

I was fully against them for a while, despite my mother recommending them to me time and time again. They just didn’t look that….well….cool. My mother’s nagging eventually wore me down and as soon as my foot sunk into one of those memory foam made pieces of foot heaven, I haven’t taken them off. Literally. And what’s better is that they now come in so many different varieties, and some of them are really stylish! 

Childrens Skechers are equally as fabulous, comfortable and trendy.

So, take advantage of some superb deals on Sketchers shoes for both adults and children, before your trip. 



Trainers at Disneyland Paris

best shoes for disney

Trainers are a great choice, aslong as they are comfortable and fit well. Some trainer deodorant may be a good idea for applying after those long days in the park! 

Wellies at Disneyland Paris

My feeling on wellies, would be that they aren’t ideal. Of course, I guess you would only consider wearing them if it was wet, or you were indeed expecting rain. However, few wellies are designed for actually walking long distances on mainly concrete pavements. So they aren’t built for comfort, especially many kids wellies, which have a very thin sole and offer little support. They are rarely good at keeping feet warm, so unless you are layering up the socks, they may not be a great choice. 

Sandals at Disneyland Paris

sandals at disney



So, during the warmer weather an open shoe can be a very good option to keep you feet cool, ad allow them to see some sun too. ( plus, a decent opportunity to show off any Mickey Mouse nail art they you may have indulged in before the holiday. Please tell me it isn’t just me…)  But, we are talking good, solid, supportive sandals. Birkenstock are particularly fabulous for long days. 


Childrens Sandals at Disneyland Paris




Both of my children have enjoyed many, long days in Timberland strapped trainers, which have a strong sole, neoprene material which dries quickly if they get wet and are easy to put on and off. I highly recommend these for summer Disney jaunts. I strongly advice flip flops for little ones, not only can they be very uncomfortable, they are not allowed on many rides and kids always deck it when trying to run in the damn things!


Please buy decent shoes for Disneyland Paris!

The main point I really want to make is that when you have paid a lot of money for a magical holiday, the most annoying thing would be to have it spoilt by sore feet, children moaning about blisters or shoes that just cant stand the miles. Its a false economy to save a few pounds buying slightly cheaper shoes. Pay out that bit extra for good quality, strong supportive and comfortable shoes for everyone, I promise you wont regret it. 


Bloggers views on comfy shoes!

I asked some of my fabulous fellow bloggers for their opinions on shoes for long days out and they, as usual, came up with some splendid ideas. 

Karen from That Lancashire Lass says “I couldn’t have managed all that walking without my Skechers! Not the most fashionable shoe, but so comfortable with the memory foam sole”

Star from Autism Kids on Tour says “I wore my Skechers, my son wore trainers and my daughter wore sandals and ended up with blisters! I would definitely recommend wearing comfy trainers whatever the weather!”

Mandi over at Big Family little Adventures says “In the cold weather, I wouldn’t go without my Hotter Boots.

Charlotte at The Mummy Tool BoxI wear asics trainers, particularly when I have to walk longer distances or have a day on my feet ahead! Because they are designed for running they are usually better support and comfort! ”

Kim from The Improving Mum is another Sketchers fan “Definitely Skechers! I got a pair from their Go Walk range three months ago and they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. You barely know you’ve got them on. I walk miles with my son, and previously I had quite bad pain in my back and feet. I now wear my Sketchers almost constantly and have had almost no pain even after long days on my feet. We are going to Disney in April and I wouldn’t consider taking anything else

Jaymee over at The Mum Diaries says “I live in Hotter Shoes at the moment, incredibly comfy and would be great for Disney!”

Michelle over at Time and Pence says – “I love Clarks kids trainers and sports shoes for lots of walking, they fit so well and are comfortable for small feet! They often have a sale on so you can buy them at a reasonable price too!

Ally from The SML Diet writes ” I went in winter and must say my uggs were amazing for it. Flat and warm, my feet didn’t notice the cold at all. “

Sarah from Digital Motherhood says ” We got my then 5 year old some trainer sandals (like these) for Disney world, really comfy but also nice and cool. Had no complaints about sore feet

Juliet at My Family Home writes “Nike air trainers in light mesh, breathable.

I have been 4 times and have tried several options and these keep my feet cool and I can walk for miles (and you do) in them.”

Hayley at Devon Mama says “I loved my Clarks sandals when I went, they weren’t TOO unstylish and were incredibly comfortable without me having to wear socks and enclosed shoes. As someone who gets hot feet this was a major bonus. They also come in a wide fit which I found fitted me well and accommodated any puffiness after the flight/all that walking! Word to the wise; flip flops are the absolute worst. I wore mine one day and the lack of padding, the constant movement.. it was awful!”

Jane at Hodge Podge Days writes “My dad famously went around Disneyland Paris in his slippers. He’d forgotten his shoes and in his rush to get in the taxi to the airport forgot to get changed into his shoes.

Danielle at Someones Mum has a written a review on Strive foot wear which is well worth a read.

Kate over at Five little Stars says ” Anything comfortable and designed to withstand the miles! You’ll be on your feet almost all of the day, and potentially well into the evening. I go to Disney about every 4-6 weeks so I’ve done all seasons. I love wearing my ugg boots or, in the summer my crocs sandals. Or I wear my proper North Face walking trainers. “

Victoria at Starlight and Stories writes “Hobbs shoes are my favourite, they literally feel like having slippers on your feet!”

Tracey at Pack the PJ’s writes ” FitFlops – the trainer/sneaker-type. Ultra comfy with the added bonus of toning your legs at the same time! I live in them!!

Veronica at My Parenting Journal gives another Sketchers vote “Sketchers is the best for me. It is best at giving comfort for your feet especially for the long walks. Sketchers go walk is just the best because of its memory foam.

Lucy at Outnumbered by Bunnies says ” I’ve never had shoes comfier than my Birkenstocks! They’re my go to sandals for any time I’ll have to walk a lot – I also wore them throughout pregnancy and they were so supportive and nicely adjustable when my feet swelled up. I’ve heard some people talk about struggling to break them in, but mine were amazing straight out of the box!

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