If you are planning your next family vacation, Tenerife is the perfect place for you and your family. This is a place full of magic where you can immerse yourself in the culture, and also in the wonderful ocean. The best thing about Tenerife is that it is a family-friendly destination where there are plenty of activities to do together.

If you want to live an unforgettable adventure, the best thing you can do is to go on one of the excursions offered in Tenerife. You will find the most fun whale and dolphin watching options that anyone can go on, as these are family-friendly activities in Tenerife with kids with excellent prices and personalized attention.

In these excursions you will be able to get to know the marine life of the place, be in contact with the species in their natural habitat where they are very well taken care of. The best thing is that these will be educational excursions and if you want to know more about it, below we tell you absolutely everything.

Things to do in Tenerife with kids

If you are in Tenerife with your family, you will surely want some activity that you can do with children to keep them entertained and here we will tell you about the three most interesting ones in the place.

Whale and Dolphin Watching Costa Adeje

One of the places you must visit if you are in Tenerife is Costa Adeje. This is undoubtedly a real treasure of the locality, and the best thing is that there are catamaran excursions to see whales in their natural habitat.

With this excursion, you will embark on a comfortable and fascinating catamaran ride that lasts about four hours. It departs from Puerto Colon and leaves every day, so you can book it whenever you want.

The best thing about this tour is that you will be able to see whales and dolphins up close. This is not only an activity of observation but also of learning, since you will learn exciting details about their way of life, feeding, and migration.

And don’t worry, because you will not be in contact with captive cetaceans. These are free species that swim without restriction in the place. In addition, you can take a magnificent swim in the waters of Tenerife to enjoy the sun, the sea, and a family experience that you will never forget.

In order to do this activity in Costa Adeje you will need to make a reservation. This can be done online, and you will only need to book the date you want. As for the catamaran, this is a luxury boat, on board there are vegetarians and gluten-free food options only if you indicate it during the reservation. 


Masca Whale and Dolphin Watching Boat Trip

Of all the attractions in Tenerife for children this is one of the best because it allows you to get to know Tenerife like never before. On this excursion, you can take a catamaran cruise to see dolphins and whales, as well as observe the wonderful cliffs of the region. In addition, the beaches of Masca are among the most beautiful in Tenerife and if you wish you can swim in them.

This activity is perfect for the family, as the team takes care of everything. They will pick you up at your hotel and take you directly to Puerto Colon. There you will board the catamaran that will take you on one of the most entertaining adventures at sea. This is because you can see whales and dolphins that live in the wild, which means that none of them are in captivity, so they live happily.

During the activity, you will have the opportunity to learn interesting details of each of the marine species that inhabit Los Gigantes and Masca. This way, you will get to know the marine life that almost no common tourist learns. In addition, the tour will be done in a luxury catamaran accompanied by your family.

As this is an activity that lasts several hours, you can have lunch on the catamaran. You will also have several beverage options available on board, and if you need a vegetarian or gluten-free menu they can do it without any problem, but you will have to indicate it at the time of booking. In addition, pick up and drop off at your hotel are completely free of charge.

Whale watching Los Gigantes Tenerife

Visiting Tenerife and not taking a walk through Los Gigantes is as if you had not gone on vacation. This is one of the must-see sites on your excursion. The best thing is that there are activities you can do if you and your family like adventures of discovery. There you can learn about marine life while having fun with the kids.

Not anywhere in the world is it possible to see cetaceans, and even less in their natural habitat, but in Tenerife it is. In this place you can be in contact with the variety of marine species that live in the waters of Los Gigantes and that are protected, but at the same time free.

A good thing about this activity is that you will be able to see the dolphins and whales up close, but without harming them in any way. In addition, during the activity you will learn interesting details and the best thing is that it is an activity for everyone, because it is a very quiet excursion aboard a luxury catamaran.

If you choose this tour, it includes pick up from your hotel, as long as it is located in the most popular tourist areas in the north and south of Tenerife. At the time of booking you must indicate where you are staying so that they create the planning and pick you up at the right time so you do not miss the experience.

In case of unforeseen circumstances, you can cancel the tour free of charge up to 24 hours before the scheduled date. And don’t worry about the language, as the tour can be done in Spanish or English, or even in both languages at the same time depending on whom the visitors are.