It is your granddaughter’s birthday, her 18th birthday and you think it cute to present her a granddaughter birthday card. Well, you are not wrong. But remember she is turning 18 and she feels like she is an adult already so she might not buy the idea of sweet birthday cards. But, as a grandparent, she’s going to remain your baby forever so you do it anyway. Check out templated to use from Boomf and read the content below to know just what to write in the card.



What Do You Say to a Now Legal Granddaughter?

  • Tone: the tone of the content of your granddaughter’s birthday message has to be informal. She believes she is an adult now and you need to address her as a grown woman. But at the same time, you have to make your tone one that reassures her that she remains the baby girl you held in your arms.
  • Love Her: 18 years is a big milestone into adulthood and she wants you to address her that way and you should. But as you do so, find a balance between seeing her a s grown woman and showing her how much you love her through your words. Remind her of days when she scraped her knee cap playing in the yard, and how she cried to you to kiss the pain away. She might think it cringy, but it warms up her heart.
  • Tell her She’s Not Alone: Even with time, it is a good thing to remind her that she is never alone. She might not need to hear it then, but she would feel thankful to know that if the world turns to dust, you’ve got her back.
  • Reassure Her of Her Dreams: Her days keep counting and she is well aware of that fact. Write words that would reassure her years after that her dreams as a child are valid and if she wants, she could move earth to make the dreams her life. This way even when bumps appear down the road, she’d recognize that you believed in her even before the start.

Your words are gold, and when you are not around to write those sweet granddaughter card messages, you know she would remember them every year on her birthdays and remember the love she has had in her life and fight for the dreams she has because you have always believed in her.