Holiday Trip to London for Couples: What’s a Good Weekend Getaway?

London is hip, and London is trendy. So that you know what to do on your next couples trip to the English capital, which attractions, markets, and views you can not miss, we have summarized some of them here.

London offers a diverse culture, whether in the artistic district of Shoreditch or in the touristy West End, here you are guaranteed to find great souvenirs at Flowwow London and special moments at various attractions of the city.

Harry Potter Tour and Film Locations

Harry Potter and London go together like peas and carrots. No book has attracted as many children and adults to bookstores in recent years as Harry Potter. And if you or your partner want to venture behind the scenes of the associated blockbusters, you can do so at Warner Bros. Studios and see the many props and great sets from the films. Whether it’s the Great Hall, the Gryffindor Common Room, or still Severus Snape’s office, a wealth of the most diverse locations await you.

Culinary Highlights

The prejudice that English food is not for gourmets is long outdated. If you want to enjoy typical English cuisine in the city’s oldest restaurant, you should definitely stop by “The Rules”. Here, typical ingredients of the region are served in a very special atmosphere.

Those who like it a bit hipper will find what they are looking for in the trendy district of Shoreditch in the north of London. The various food stalls at the Sunday Up Market are particularly inviting. Since 2004, young artists and designers have been offering their latest creations at this market. The food market area is known beyond the borders of the district. Treat yourself to a hip breakfast and then go in search of a real unique piece in the designer shops.

Legendary Nightlife of London

When you’re in England, you can’t avoid a pub visit. You can start enjoying your first ale around 5 o’clock in the afternoon because then the beer lovers start their evening. But then the party is over again around 10 o’clock in the evening.

If you want to order drinks in a pub, you have to do it at the counter, because a waitress coming to the table is rather unusual in England.

Live Music in Covent Garden

Be sure to check out one of the many live performances in Covent Garden, a famous London

neighborhood on the eastern edge of the West End district. Covent Garden is a popular shopping and tourist attraction, where street performers, sidewalk cafes, and many small shops provide plenty of entertainment.

Another must-see is the famous musical “Les Misérables” as well as the so-called Docklands, a London district in the east of the city that consists of former dock and shipyard complexes along the Thames and delights with its modern buildings.

Parks in the Middle of a Metropolis

Whether Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, or whatever park – Londoners put so much effort and work into the parks that they are definitely worth a visit. Enchanting flowerbeds, beautiful castles, cottages, and statues give them a very special charm. Even when all the meadows had dried up, the parks stay brilliantly green. In addition, the squirrels there are so trusting because of the many tourists that they even eat out of your hand. You can really please your lady with a romantic walk through one of these parks.

If you get hungry after the walk in the fresh air, then you have to visit the hostel’s pub “The Pride of Paddington”, which is known for its delicious local cuisine.


  • How Much Does a Trip to London Cost?

The cost of a week-long London holiday is around $1300 per person, excluding flights. This price includes accommodation in comfortable 4-star hotels, meals in good restaurants, and the rental of a small car.

  • Where Do Londoners Go for the Weekend?

In the surrounding area of London, you can find amazing locations. Enjoy the luxurious English nature and charm of Oxford, immerse yourself in the gothic atmosphere of Chilham, solve the mysteries of mystical places of power like Stonehenge, relax in a resort, and eat sea delicacies. England has it all!

  • What Is the Prettiest Street in London?

Opposite St Paul’s Church – not to be confused with St Paul’s Cathedral – Covent Garden Market is located in the heart of London. There was a farmers’ market on this site as early as 1835. After some renovations, the current building was completed in 1999 and has been a popular meeting place in London ever since. In our opinion, this is the prettiest place in London and you are sure to be awed.

  • Where is Nice for a Couples Weekend Away?

If we are talking about London and the surrounding area, the suburb of the Cotswolds is beautiful at any time of year, but in winter it takes on a special charm. Imagine the first rays of the winter sun gliding over the centuries-old, straw-colored villages. Isn’t that just romantic? Ellenborough Park Hotel is located in a 16th-century mansion, a 10-minute walk from the Cheltenham Spa. This can be a perfect place to stay during your weekend in the UK and if you want to visit London itself, it is only a couple of hours away.