Are you currently planning the biggest day of your life, your wedding day? There is always so much to think about and organise, you could end up stressing about every little detail. 


Take a look at this guide in case there is anything you may have missed.


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Your venue is crucial, without a venue there is no main event. This should be on your top 3 to-do list and should be arranged after you have finalised the date for your wedding. Venues can get booked up pretty fast, especially the popular ones. Some places you have to wait years to get into. Another key tip before you look at the venue is to have a rough number of guests in your head, this is because most venues will tell you how many guests can comfortably fit inside. There is no point looking at venues that only hold 150 people if your guest list exceeds 200.  




As mentioned above, think about how many guests you want at your wedding. Depending on your budget, think about how many people you actually want to cater for. Your reception venue will charge per head, it is common for the cost to be around £25-£35 per head but of course, this can go up depending on the venue and what food is being served. 


Think about your table plans as well when thinking about your guests, after all, you don’t want any hatred or arguments spoiling your big day. If your aunty Susan hates your uncle Tommy then best not seat them together.  Also, who do you want on the head table with you? 


When you think about your guests, you also need to decide who you want as your maid of honour and bridesmaids, your partner will also need to decide who he wants to be the best man or men. 




Something most little girls dream about, the day they get to go wedding dress shopping. You need to decide what style of dress you want and what style of dress will suit your shape best. There are so many varieties of dress, from a princess ballgown to a mermaid style. You can also decide if you want one dress or if you want to be greedy and have two, well why not. One is for the main wedding itself and the other can be for the wedding reception in the evening. 




Finally, think about where you would like to go on your honeymoon, maybe somewhere you have always dreamt of going or have been to and want to go again. This could be Disney world if you are a fan of Disney or the Maldives if you want nothing but relax on a beach. Wherever you go, you are sure to have a relaxing time.


Maybe, if you’re spouse is from abroad you could go and visit their home town or at least the country they grew up in. They may have grown up in Ireland. This is a beautiful country, and let’s face it, once you are married it becomes a part of you as well. You could even apply for Irish citizenship if you wanted to.