If you’ve always harboured fantasies of living abroad, perhaps lockdown has inspired you to make those dreams a reality in the future.
And while it might feel like the perfect time to fulfil those lifelong goals, any doubts you might have had won’t vanish straight away.
When it comes to moving abroad, most people worry about things like getting homesick, or missing friends and family.
And if you still feel attached to your homeland, you might worry about how you’ll stay connected to the place you’ve left behind as you begin your love affair with a new location.
From the obvious to the totally unexpected, here are just three ways you stay connected to the place you love when you take the leap.

1. Tech in Touch

Technology gives us so many valuable ways to stay in touch with those we love, no matter where we are. From phone calls and text messages to video calling services (looking at you Zoom), there are more options than ever for virtual connectivity.
And yet it’s not that simple. With the busy lives we all lead, sometimes it’s difficult to connect from the same time zone, let alone across the world.
If you’re struggling to find the time for Skype calls, planning them a little advance will help you set the time aside, and give you something to look forward to.
And if you feel like getting creative with connectivity, there are hundreds of apps out there perfect for international communication that you might not have heard of.

2. Get blogging!

If you miss loved one, they’re missing you too.
And for the times where a Skype call just isn’t possible, social media is a great way to keep those you care about up to date with how you are and what you’re up to.
Instagram posts showing off the glory of your new, beautiful surroundings is sure to make everyone jealous, as are regular updates featuring delicious local delicacies.
Social media means you can keep up with everyone at home too, putting your FOMO at ease and soothing your homesickness.
And if you feel really adventurous, why not try keeping an online blog of your new life?

3. Get a degree

This unexpected addition to the light might sound like an impractical undertaking for an aspiring traveller.
But with the rising popularity of distance learning, you don’t even need to stay in the same country to get qualified.
Nor do you have to choose between ambitions if you’re the kind of person with a long list of goals to accomplish.
ARU Distance Learning offer courses to students at home and away that take place entirely online. They’re flexible to fit around your busy work and family life and will enable you study wherever you are in the world. Plus, your studies will keep you linked to home for as long as you’re away.
This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who plans to return home at some point in the future – imagine the feeling of bringing home a new qualification on top of all those incredible experiences?