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Packing Tips for a Great Ski Trip

We usually take holidays to hot countries and more recently have been travelling in our motorhome, so a ski holiday is a bit different to the norm and a bit more daunting than usual!  I’ve been reading lots of articles about what clothes I need to take and whether I should buy equipment or whether …

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The Best Ways To Travel In New Zealand

New Zealand has long been a destination for nature lovers from all over the world. It is one of the last places in the world where you can immerse yourself in pure, unspoilt nature but in a country with fantastic infrastructure. Because of the focus on infrastructure, you can get around the country very easily …

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Beautiful Skin Cleanup With Lasers

Is it your desire to always know and feel your skin is smooth and silky without having to worry about getting appointments in the parlours for threading, and waxing? In this fast-paced world, you need not worry about wasting time in the parlours, or by shaving all your unwanted body hair.  You can get the …

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3 Ways to Keep in Touch With Home When Abroad

If you’ve always harboured fantasies of living abroad, perhaps lockdown has inspired you to make those dreams a reality in the future. And while it might feel like the perfect time to fulfil those lifelong goals, any doubts you might have had won’t vanish straight away. When it comes to moving abroad, most people worry …