We love to holiday as a family in a villa for many reasons.  From the sheer amount of space it allows us to have, to barbecuing in the garden, plus the kids having their own bedrooms.  Villa Finder are a very family friendly villa booking company that can arrange really helpful things from stocking the fridge to ensuring that the pool is fenced, plus a whole host of other great things.

Have a look at our five reasons to holiday in a villa as a family!

1. More Privacy

Privacy is a big reason to get your own villa – mainly it’s so that the whole family can be together within the privacy of our own space. We don’t have to be shushing the kids all the time – I worry about disturbing the other guests on the floor below when they are stomping around like baby elephants, or bickering over a game!

2. Having lots of Space

A villa gives us so much more space than a hotel room. You can have a living room, dining room, even a games room as well as your bedrooms. This is really important if grandparents come along too so you are not all on top of each other.  We can all take a bit of time out in our own space if need be!

Girl at Pool Side Holding Pink Rubber Ducks

3. Being able to put the kids to bed in their own bedrooms

This is one of the strongest reasons to go with a villa, especially if you have younger kids – you can put them to bed then carry on your evening in the living room. If you are in a hotel room, you need to sit quietly in the dark while they go to sleep, and they never want to go to sleep on holiday!  They can have cool looking bedrooms decorated with painting backdrops to their taste so they feel comfortable.

4. Go Self Catering

This is another major reason for families to choose a villa – you can save a fortune by cooking for yourself rather than eating out all the time. Plus the kids are happiest with their own cereal!  Also, we do love a backyard barbecue while watching the sun go down from your own villa garden.  If you are staying in the UK in then consider a lodge with a hot tub in the Lake District.

Boys on Float Tubes in Swimming Pool

5. Get a Private pool

I much prefer a private pool. I know I am always going to get a sunbed without rising at the crack of dawn to bag one with my towel, plus I don’t have to feel shy about anyone else seeing me in my swimsuit! The kids love it and will happily spend a whole afternoon splashing about, while I can relax next to them with a book.  It’s great to have some downtime and not having to lug all the kids stuff around with you all day, you can just relax in your own piece of paradise!