Buckle up and fasten your seat belts because we’re about to introduce you to an array of driving experiences that defy ordinary. Thanks to WonderDays, you can transcend your daily commute and discover the exhilarating world of unique driving escapades.


Police Interception UK Driving Experience

Ever fancied yourself a high-speed interceptor of the law? Well, this is your opportunity to don a hat of authority (not literally, mind you). The Police Interception experience catapults you into a high-octane chase scenario, complete with sirens, flashing lights, and an adrenaline-pumping atmosphere. It’s not just a driving experience; it’s an opportunity to get up close and personal with the UK’s law enforcement techniques, all whilst enjoying the drive of your life.


Cops & Robbers Driving Experience

From one side of the law to the other, the Cops & Robbers driving experience is a roller-coaster of thrills. Play the cunning robber in a get-away car or be the relentless cop in hot pursuit. This immersive driving experience is a dynamic blend of strategy, speed, and a whole lot of excitement. It’s your childhood fantasy come to life, magnified by horsepower.


20 Lap Tesla Vs Dodge Viper Driving Experience

The future meets the past in this titanic showdown between electric and petrol engines. Will you opt for the eco-friendly innovation of a Tesla, or feel the growl of a Dodge Viper? With 20 laps to make your mark, this experience offers the ultimate comparison drive, leaving you with a newfound respect for the range and versatility of automotive engineering.


High Speed Supercar Passenger Adults & Juniors Experience

Not quite ready to take the wheel? No worries! Sit back and let a professional driver show you what a supercar can truly do. With this High Speed Supercar Passenger experience, you get the thrill of speeds you’ve only ever dreamt of, without any of the pressures of driving. Perfect for both adults and juniors, it’s an inclusive joyride that nobody will forget.


US Police Car Driving Experience

Get a taste of American crime-fighting action. This driving experience lets you step into the driver’s seat of an authentic US police car. Embrace the cinematic thrills as you chase down perps and enforce justice, American style. From the distinctive siren to the unique car designs, it’s a slice of Hollywood served up on a silver platter.

4×4 Off Road Driving Experience

Say goodbye to tarmac and hello to mud, water, and rocky terrains. WonderDays brings you the 4×4 Off Road Driving Experience, a challenging but supremely fun course that tests your skills against nature. Whether it’s through woodland trails or mountain paths, you’ll come out with not just mud on your tyres, but also a big grin on your face.


American Muscle Car Driving Experience

Rev your engines for a pure, undiluted, American dream. This experience puts you in the driver’s seat of some of the most iconic muscle cars in history. Feel the vibration of the engine seep through the wheel and into your very core as you understand why these cars have a cult following.


Shelby GT500 Driving Experience

If ever a car screamed ‘power’, it’s the Shelby GT500. This experience lets you commandeer this iconic beast, boasting an unparalleled combo of speed, looks, and charisma. It’s not just a drive; it’s a sojourn into automotive legend.


Fast and Furious Driving Experience

Live out your movie fantasies with a driving experience that pays homage to the Fast and Furious franchise. Drift, drag, and swerve through intricate courses designed to mimic adrenaline-inducing scenes from the movies. Be your own hero for a day!


Ultimate Truck Driving

Think you’ve mastered the art of driving? Try manoeuvring a colossal truck. This experience provides you with the unique challenges that come with handling an 18-wheeler. It’s driving like you’ve never known it, with both skill and nerve being pushed to the limit.


Classic Car Track Day Experience

Step back in time and relive the golden era of motoring with a range of classic cars that ooze style and nostalgia. From vintage Mustangs to antique Jaguars, you’ll come away with an appreciation for the roots of modern automotive brilliance.


Junior Sports Car Experience With One Or Three Cars

Why should adults have all the fun? With options to drive one or even three sports cars, the Junior Sports Car Experience offers a tantalising glimpse into the world of high-speed excitement for the younger enthusiasts.


Young Driver Truck Experience

Ever wondered how it feels to be a lorry driver? For the younger crowd, the Young Driver Truck Experience offers an insight into the world of long-haul trucking. Imagine the sense of achievement when you successfully park a huge rig!


Aged 8 and Over Go Karting Experience

Introduce the young ones to the sheer joy of driving with a Go Karting Experience. Perfect for children aged 8 and over, it’s the ideal way to instil a love for motor sports from a young age.


Junior Land Rover Off Road Driving Experience

Let your young adventurer tackle terrains they’ve only seen in their wildest dreams. With the Junior Land Rover Off-Road Driving Experience, it’s not just about speed; it’s about skill, precision, and a touch of bravery.