Why cruising is the ultimate way to travel

Itching to set sail and forget your worries? A cruise could be the ideal choice for your next getaway. Beyond the pandemic, the number of UK cruise passengers has remained steady, showing that there’s still a huge demand for cruise adventures across the globe.

Travelling by boat may not be everyone’s first choice when it comes to going on holiday, but there are plenty of perks that may change your mind. Here’s a breakdown of why you might fall in love with a cruise holiday.

They’re great value for money

Comparable to a package holiday, cruises can be a great way of compiling costs into one lump sum for an all-inclusive deal. This can take the hassle out of being caught up in tourist traps when searching for accommodation, food and tours when you travel. Plus, you generally get entertainment and other perks added into the mix.

They epitomise worry-free travel

A huge advantage of a cruise over a conventional holiday is that the weight of planning transport is completely lifted off your back. You’ll be taken from place to place completely stress-free knowing that you can sit back and relax.

Cruise ships come in all shapes and sizes

From small to downright huge, cruise ships and the experiences they can offer vary greatly. Climb aboard a mega-ship setting sail for the Caribbean or choose a more intimate river cruise along the Nile in Egypt. If you have kids in tow, you can even book onto a Disney-themed family-friendly boat. The type of boat you choose will shape the experience in different ways and the length of your stay will be accommodated, with more or less facilities to suit the needs of the passengers. The variety also means that a range of budgets are catered towards.

See multiple destinations and unpack once!

Nothing beats having a constant base while travelling around. With cruising, your accommodation quite literally travels around with you, so you won’t have to worry about packing and unpacking, as well as juggling multiple connecting modes of transport. And it isn’t just any old accommodation either – you’ll be treated to swathes of communal space to enjoy on days when you might feel a little tired. Having the freedom to opt in and out of day trips makes things a lot easier. With a cruise, it’s easy to box off multiple destinations in a single trip while enjoying maximum comfort.

Cruising is sociable

While your bedroom offers a private space to unwind, the large communal areas and day trips that may be running mean you can enjoy plenty of socialising at different stages of your trip. You might meet people in the dining area or while sitting out on the deck – either way, there will be plenty of friendly faces to share memories and experiences with throughout your adventure.