For half of the planet, travelling to the United States of America is a long-standing dream. Who wouldn’t like to go to the place where their favourite film, TV series or book is set? Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing sights and attractions that have ascended to legendary historic icons up close? The notion that America is the land of opportunity, a place where everything is possible, has been perpetuated since the moment European colonists made their way there, and this is probably a main reason why so many people are intrigued by it.

And we have to admit that the United States is indeed a beautiful place with a plethora of fun and breathtaking cities to visit and sights to see. What is the best season to go to the US? We say winter. Why winter?

Reason 1: The perfect season to go on a road trip

The United States is a huge country, which entails that there are many areas where their only purpose is to connect cities. Consequently, there are hundreds of routes where you can drive endlessly and marvel at a scenic view with only mountains and virgin land all around you for miles. Finding the perfect car is extremely easy with Enjoy Travel as you can compare all the available cars and book the one that suits you better. Not to mention that many Americans choose to go on road trips as a way to see as much of their country as possible.

              Reason 2: The best season to visit New York

New York is definitely the most iconic city in the country —and maybe even in the whole world. It is so popular that many people even think that it is the capital of the US (Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America). New York is included in the places with the grandest new year celebrations. You will get to see the city get prepared for the festive season and enjoy all the wintery activities. If you are lucky, you might even see some snow.

              Reason 3: It is cheaper to travel there in winter

Wherever you come from, the US is a pretty expensive destination; solely the plane tickets will cost you a small fortune. It would be wiser to look for special deals, offers and discounts in order to save some money. Going there during the low season, which is typically late January, February or March, entails that most travel-related services like tickets and accommodation will be cheaper than in high season.

              Reason 4: You can go for skiing holidays

For people who enjoy mountains, cold temperatures and adventures out in the wilderness, the US is definitely the best winter destination. There are many ski resorts that offer the ultimate holiday experience. Whether you have got much or little skiing experience, all ski resorts offer a plethora of outdoor and indoor activities for visitors with all kinds of interests and skills. For example, the Breckenridge, the Palisades Tahoe and the Aspen Snowmass are only a few of the most popular ski resorts in the country.