Winter is finally here and for many people is one of the most amazing seasons of the year when it comes to traveling around the world to new, winter destinations. Also, it’s never too late to book your tickets for a winter destination where you can spend New Year’s eve. Actually, especially this time of the year every city around the world is even more beautiful, and every street is decorated with wondrous Christmas lights.


In case you are wondering which is the most beautiful and special destination to visit this winter, the answer is Italy. Italy is one of the most incredibly beautiful countries in Europe, and there are many cities around the country that you can visit and be amazed by the rich culture and arts. Especially during Christmas, Italy looks even more magical and festive.



In case you don’t know a lot about the Italian climate and so it’s difficult for you to decide which clothes you should pack with you for this trip, you are in the right place. Why?


We’ve got your back! Below, you will find a list of the most essential things that you should pack with you in Italy, to feel comfortable and stylish all at once.



  1. A pair of comfortable trousers


The first thing that you need to pack with you in Italy, is a pair of comfortable pants or jeans. A black pair of cargo pants or a baggy pair of jeans are all-time classic pieces in order to be comfortable and stylish during your day. Also, a black pair of trousers can be a perfect match with any other blouse or sweater, so you will avoid spending a lot of time choosing the perfect outfit. For example, you can match your trousers with a chic blazer, which you can buy on Actually, a pretty tie waist-fitted tailor blazer matched with a trendy pair of trousers is a very fashionable outfit that you can wear all day.



  1. A warm coat


Moreover, if you plan to visit Italy this winter don’t forget to pack with you, your favorite winter coats. You can choose a scarf wool coat that can upgrade a simple outfit to the next level. It’s important to choose a coat in a neutral color in order to match most of your clothes. The weather in Italy during winter can be very cold, so a chic coat will keep you warm and comfortable every day. Of course, you can always renew your wardrobe with one of the coats that are in fashion this year, such as animal print coats as well as vegan leather coats.



  1. A stylish pair of boots


Last but not least, before leaving for your trip to Italy, it is necessary to pack with you a stylish yet warm pair of boots. Traveling to Italy means a lot of sightseeing and visiting museums and galleries. So, it would be perfect to wear a pair of shoes that won’t make your feet hurt and at the same time will keep you warm. The best choice is to pack with you a pair of black platform boots that are very trendy this year and can be a perfect match for every piece of clothing.