While some people make it their life’s ambition to spend time in every country in the world, the truth of the matter is that you can have a very fine time just trying to see all the countries on a single continent. Taking Europe as an example – and bearing in mind that different people have differing views on which countries count as being “in Europe” – there are anything between 44 and 50+ countries on and around the European continent. These countries vary between the shires and ridings of the UK and the mountainous magnificence of Austria, and more besides.


To see Europe at its best, it is often advisable to take a camping holiday in one or more of its countries, which allows you to get up close to the stunning views that are offered by this part of the world. Below, we will look at some of the best destinations to visit in European countries, and advise on the camping opportunities they offer.


Innsbruck in Austria


If you’re a fan of rough and ready travel like camping, there’s a chance you’re also a thrillseeker into winter sports, and if that’s the case then you couldn’t ask for a better holiday destination than the capital of Austria’s Tyrol region, Innsbruck. The city hosted the Winter Olympic games in both 1964 and 1976, and as a result you can be confident in the resorts and facilities on offer here. Even if you’re not keen on sliding across snow, the magnificent panoramas will leave you dumbfounded with their beauty, and the campsites you’ll find along the banks of the nearby Natterer See will make you fall in love with the area.


North Yorkshire Coast, United Kingdom


Whether you’re based in the UK or not, it can be easy to forget just how much of the place can be covered in just a day of travelling. This makes it a fantastic place to holiday whether as a staycation or a larger vacation, and spots like Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Yorkshire Coast are your reward for a little bit of driving. From the area’s excellent campsites to the scenic walks to the beach, you’ll appreciate the hidden beauty of a lesser-seen part of the UK – while a short trip can take you to nearby spots such as Filey, Scarborough, and the town of Whitby, where Bram Stoker took up residence while writing Dracula. He references several parts of the town in the novel itself, so it’s a must-see for horror fans.  Don’t miss the boating lake at Cleethorpes.


Lake Garda, Italy


While mountain scenery and gothic horror are excellent interests to indulge, it does mean that the above destinations aren’t ideal for sun-seekers. Good news, then, as our final destination is the sun-soaked banks of Italy’s Lake Garda. One of Europe’s most famous bodies of water, Garda offers citrus and olive groves through which to walk, as well as plenty of opportunity for water sport and, crucially, lots of eateries and bars where you can relax for an evening. The lake has a circumference of approximately 90km (56 miles), so there is no shortage of coast, and a plethora of campsites and glamping spots to choose from – although the town of San Biagio is a particularly popular landing spot for visitors.


If you want to camp your way through Europe, the above spots and many more besides will provide no end of tourist thrills to enjoy.