Planning a family vacation can be very exciting. After all, you get to plan out where you are going to go, how long you are going to go for and even the things that you are going to do when you get there. The problem is that if you have kids, a family vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare and this is especially the case if you are going to have to sit in one place for a couple of hours or more. For this reason, if you want to keep the kids entertained when you are out and in the car then here are some top ideas!

Art Kits

Kids love to draw so having an art kit in the car is a great way for you to keep them entertained. All you have to do is take a DVD case with you, some colours and some crayons. Stick some paper in the DVD case and take a pencil case that is full of drawing utensils. That way, your child has something to lean on when they are drawing and you also have a convenient place to put all of the crayons when they’re done. This is ideal if you are going on a drive that has a lot of straight roads and it is also ideal if you are flying as well. You would be surprised at how long a child can stay occupied when they have different colours at their disposal!

Hourly Rewards

For kids, time seems to go slower than it does for us adults. You can keep your kids entertained by counting down the hours in the car. Before you leave the house, try and wrap up a couple of gifts and put a tag on each one for the hour that you are going to give them at. For example, one present could be labelled as being one hour, the next at two hours, etc. You could wrap up colouring books, games or little activities that they can actually play within the car. That way, you pass enough time until the next gift!

If you are travelling to a place of historical interest, you could give them a book about the place you are visiting, as this is a great way for you to educate them while also getting them excited for when you arrive.  How about the A-Z game where you name cities that start with a certain letter or fruit that starts with E?

Phone Games

If you want to download a safe children’s app then you’ll soon find that these are packed full of things for your child to do. You can have access to chat rooms that are completely safe and a huge range of games as well. Your child can stay occupied for hours when you give them something like this and because there are so many different activities in one app, you won’t have to drain all of your data by downloading hundreds of different games. The best thing is that most of the games can actually be played with two different players as well, so the kids can take it in turns to play a game or to even find out who can get the best high score.

Of course, keeping the kids entertained isn’t always easy, but if you plan in advance then there is no reason why you can’t have a seamless car or even plane journey. Your kids will love having something to do and you will love the peace and quiet.


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