No matter how tough things get, traveling can be genuinely blissful as there is no better way to experience life. The only way to make this experience more enjoyable is to have your pet with you during your travels. Lately, more and more hotels and accommodation places have turned into pet-friendly rentals to accommodate pet owners. While finding the perfect place that allows pets itself is a source of joy, there are few ways you can make this particular space even better! 


Most animals are used to a way of living or a routine throughout their lives. Stepping out of that space and moving to a new place can sometimes be a source of stress for them. It can leave them confused and even unhappy. Often they are unable to get accustomed to the new place — even when you plan well. That is the reason why you need to understand how to make things better for them.


Without making you wait anymore, let’s check out the ways to make a hotel stay more comfortable for your pet:


1) Take games along with you

If your pet animals like to play with certain toys and games, make sure that you take those along. Having familiar objects around them helps your friend to relax and to be at ease in the new environment. Plus, we all need something to entertain us, don’t we?


2) Be there for your companion

While your pet is mostly used to spending hours alone in your home, it is not the same with a new location. In a hotel room, your pet is already struggling with a lot of issues, so make sure abandonment is not one of them. Having your presence will help them to feel at ease and relaxed. Dogs like to cuddle with their owners, so when you are out, make sure to cuddle and shower all the love they need.


3) Have ample treats ready for the furry one

No surprises here, one needs to pack the pet food in a sufficient amount. Also, have some special food options ready for them, so that they are delighted about a new place. This is extremely helpful with animals like cats as they hate to change their location. And in this case, treats can reduce their fear and keep them happy. Well, it works. 


4) Know all the accommodation policies

Many pet-friendly rentals have certain limited hours for pets to go out and move around. Communicate with the staff beforehand about your pet’s needs. Don’t be shy about asking for their help in case you are stuck with something. Also, make sure you are aware of the nearest veterinarian as you never know when a crisis strikes. You need to be prepared for whenever may come.


5) Keep them hydrated

A lot more than food, your pet requires water all the time. Make sure that you keep their water bowl in an accessible place and replace it frequently without fail. It is important to ensure clean water to maintain your pet’s good health. At home, pets are almost always aware of where the water is kept, but in a new area, you have to keep showing it to them and reminding them, so that they don’t forget it and remain thirsty.


6) Don’t forget the outdoors

If you are traveling with pet dogs, this one’s for you. Dogs need movement and activity. They are a lot like us, humans, that way. Take your pet dog to the nearest parks, gardens, and green spaces to keep them happy. Cafes, beaches, and empty streets are also a fun way to explore the city with your pet.



Traveling with your pet can be one of the most amazing experiences that you can have. After all, no one wants to leave their loved one behind, but make sure that this experience is also delightful for your pet. Just by staying with them and spending time with them, you can help them to fight their fears and discover new things together. While the above-mentioned tips are amazing, you can also invest in a pet bag to make the traveling part easy for the furry one. A happy pet will mean a happy journey!