bean Bag Bazaar Faux Fur Beanbag

I am trying to reorganise my daughter’s bedroom in time for Christmas but it’s rushing up fast! She has a fabulous bunk bed in the shape of a house complete with doors and windows. We bought it from a local selling sure and revamped it. I would have loved this myself as a child.  I made the Princess Castle picture above the fire too, from scraps of pretty fabric left over from other projects.  It reminds me of our trips to Disney!  I’m also debating whether I should paint the outside of the fire surround grey rather than black – I was reading recently that the latest trend was grey skirting boards.  I was also wondering whether I should swap her carpet for some smart  and easy to clean wooden flooring instead.

I have also painted an old Victorian pine wardrobe in a lovely soft grey and it looks perfect in there, and I have sorted out all the old clothes that don’t fit her and either given hem to friends or charity.  The princess castle is made with a durable backdrop and looks very pretty! 

What she really needs though is somewhere to sit and relax when she is reading or watching her tablet, so I was thrilled to come across this beautiful beanbag from the fur bean bags range at Bean Bag Bazaar!

bean Bag Bazaar Faux Fur Beanbag

It’s huge for a start, and really comfortable! The faux fur is luxurious and so soft, she is going to love it (it’s going to be a Christmas present – imagine the size of it under the tree!).  They also do these cool looking gaming beanbags that would be perfect for my son!

We are all about hygge in this house (it’s a Scandinavian concept of getting cosy!) and this completely fits the bill.  Their website says ‘The ‘tipped’ faux fur creates a realistic depth and natural looking colouring with grey roots fading out to a silver tip. A matching grey faux suede base panel is used to prevent slipping on wood floors and provide a high-quality finish.’.  It’s so pretty and so cosy, it will be a massive hit at Christmas.  The only problem is that I might want one myself!