If you love taking trips with your entire family, you have likely looked into going camping before. For some people camping just isn’t their “thing” – the idea of sleeping in a cold tent with barely any decent food and no hot showers doesn’t exactly sound like a dream holiday, right? If you hate camping but love the great outdoors, you’re in luck. Modern campers have coined the term “glamping”, meaning “glamour camping”, and have kissed the soggy, 1970s version of camping goodbye for good. Want to know more about glamping? In this article you’ll find all the different types of glamping, as well as a definitive list of all the great perks glamping offers you and your family.


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What constitutes glamping?

You might be thinking, why go glamour-camping when you could just stay in a hotel? Where’s the line? Indeed, this is the question on many people’s lips when they are first encouraged to glamp. The advantages of glamping, however, are found in the delicate balance between embracing nature and still having your home comforts. Glamping could be defined by…


  • Having a roof top tent. A roof top tent is a tent that attaches to your car and gives you more space, as well as often having hot running water and technology to match!
  • Renting or buying an RV, or camper van. Contemporary models of RV come complete with kitchen facilities, hot showers, proper toilets and comfortable fold-out beds. Plus, they are safe to drive and can be taken to camping sites and festivals, so you still get the camping experience. 


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    • Hiring a yurt. Never heard of a yurt? Prepare for yurts to be your next obsession. A Mongolian yurt is like a raised tent/teepee mix, complete with a proper bed, beautiful flooring and home comforts. You’ll find yourself pinning yurts to your Pinterest boards in no time at all.


  • Treehouse camping. Treehouse camping is a growing industry that definitely falls under the umbrella of glamping. Hide away on your holiday in a lovely treehouse that looks out over gorgeous landscapes – complete with a hot shower, cooking facilities and comfortable beds.


What are the advantages of glamping?

What are the exact advantages of glamping, you may ask? There are many different aspects of glamping that can fit your requirements, no matter who you are. Look no further: here is the definitive list. 


    1. You can go anywhere with glamping. Just like camping, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your destinations. Aside from acquiring permits for private land camping, the world is your oyster when taking your glamping show on the road. Just like regular camping, you can stay at a site or go off-piste. Unlike regular camping, though, you can explore terrains that would be otherwise unsafe to camp in a tent – such as the Arctic planes, the jungles of South America or the deserts of Mongolia.


  • You get to feel like yourself on holiday. We take holidays to relax, take a break from the stresses of work and home life, and generally have fun. Unless you are a Bear Grylls level of outdoorsy, it is likely that after the novelty of regular camping wears off you’ll be left feeling stinky and a little bit miserable. Glamping, however, allows you to really feel like yourself: showered, comfortable and totally relaxed. 



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  • Glamping is more accessible for people with special requirements. If you or someone in your family uses a wheelchair or has other special requirements, a regular camping trip is basically impossible. However, glamping lets you tailor your experience, still getting back to nature and into the great outdoors with a more accessible accommodation option. 
  • You can glamp with babies. Camping in a cold tent with babies? Not anybody’s idea of heaven. However, if you love the idea of camping but have young children to take care of, you can compromise with a glamping holiday. Your babies will be safe, warm, cosy and bathed every night – and so will you! – and you still get to explore nature, go on hikes and enjoy all the good experiences a camping holiday offers.



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  • You can actually sleep well on holiday when you glamp. One of the main reasons most people enjoy their holidays is because they have the chance to catch up on sleep. Camping, however, doesn’t offer this luxury; you’re up with the sun, and often disturbed in the night too. When glamping, you can close the curtains, turn off your scheduled alarm and sleep in as long as you like. Bliss. 
  • Glamping is safer than camping. Camping is a relatively safe activity, but nevertheless, it comes with some risks. If adverse weather hits, you could find yourself overwhelmed by the elements, leading to injury or illness from cold. Additionally, a tent gives you little or no protection from intruders. If safety is a concern for you, a glamping holiday helps you feel safe and secure during the night, with most glamping options giving you the option to lock the door at night.



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How to go glamping

If this definitive list of the pros of glamping has got you in the mood for a glamping trip of your own, you should search popular holiday sites for different glamping options that will meet your family’s needs. Make sure to read reviews of the glamping holiday companies that you choose, to ensure you will not be disappointed on your glamping trip! If you want to get serious about glamping, there is also the option to buy your own glamping equipment, such as a camper vehicle, advanced camping cooker or roof top tent complete with a septic tank and running water.


Glamping is usually less expensive than your average holiday, meaning you can save your money for excursions, delicious foods and activities while you are on holiday. There are great glamping opportunities both in the UK and abroad, so get creative and start planning the 2021 glamping trip of your dreams!