Before we departed on our long term travel adventure, as a rather over anxious mum, I had many concerns and worries. Almost all of them turned out to be unfounded. However, I came across one issue, that I hadn’t even considered before leaving. Hair issues! I was used to popping to my local hair salon every six weeks or so for a cut and colour, and suddenly this wasn’t an option.Using European salons has of course been a solution, although due to some language barriers, it has provided varying results!

I also attempted self colouring, something that always looks so easy on the TV ads, however this is really not that easy in the very limited size bathroom (and limited size hot water tank!) that we have in the motorhome. 

On a very friendly motorhome site in the south of France, I got chatting to another long – term travel Mum who suggested not one, but two alternative hair solutions. 

We tend to visit ” home” every 3 – 6 months. So a trip to the hair salon is possible during these short visits. My new hair guru friend highly recommended pre-bonded hair extensions. She says they were the answer to all her hair problems whilst on the road and whilst she tried to have them re applied every 3 months, she admitted to actually going up to 5 months at times. 

The second solution, which is the ultimate answer to hair solutions for those travelling to more remote places, with less opportunity to return to a familiar salon, is a premium wig. So, I am able be very chill about my hair on a day to day basis but as soon as I want to glam up my look for a night out or a special occasion, the Niawig is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. 

So, you can have salon quality hair on your road trip, albeit using slightly alternative solutions, but with superb results none the less.