My kids love a caravan holiday, just as I did when I was a child.  I was talking this over with a friend recently and we thought about all the ways that a caravan holiday is great for kids and families.

Raymond James Caravans

I’ve recently looked at the Raymond James Caravans via the Bailey of Bristol website for new ideas.  They are one of the UK’s largest caravan dealerships and have been in operation for over 40 years.  They keep up to 200 caravans in stock and have up to 40 displayed within their own caravan showroom.  Raymond James stock a variety of caravans from well-known brands including Bailey, Coachman, Buccaneer. Also, they stock the exclusive Panther range based on the Bailey Phoenix but with extras and exclusive graphics chosen by Raymond James

So, why are caravan holidays so great for children?

Kids can bring their own stuff

Children come with tonnes of baggage, like favourite toys, sleeping bags, special pillows, not to mention ride on toys, bikes, snorkels and in our case metal detector equipment. If you have a baby it’s worse as then you have a travel cot, car seat, highchair and baby gate to lug around, as well as sterilising gizmos! When we fly on holiday, I like to keep luggage to a bare minimum, as it’s bad enough herding kids through an airport without extra suitcases too. Besides, we flew with Ryanair recently and one 20kg bag alone cost an additional £80!

When you have your own caravan, you don’t need to worry about any of that. You can take as much as you want. Not only that, you can leave it all in the caravan in between trips so there is no need to pack, or try and remember what you need to pack and then forget it all anyway (that’s not just me is it? Good.)

Talking of saving pennies, Raymond James Caravans sell both new and used caravans, so are very budget friendly.


Adventure in the Great Outdoors

I think what really appeals to us as a family is that a holiday in a caravan really brings the great outdoors closer. The kids can have greater freedom exploring each new site, and we can take family walks together to places we have not been before. It’s good to plan these routes ahead of time though to make sure the walk features a nice little country pub somewhere near the end for a spot of lunch and perhaps a holiday glass of wine. After all, we won’t be driving anyway and can relax and perhaps nap when back at the caravan!

I also like to look for sites that are near woods as the kids love collecting fallen branches and den building. When Miss H was younger, she would make wands from sticks and tie feathers around them to make them look pretty.

All in all, a caravan holiday is pretty near perfect for those of us with kids. Please go visit the Raymond James site in person for a great choice.