If you’re jet setting on your latest adventure, and you plan to spend a night or two out on the town while you’re there enjoying a spa day, packing can be difficult. Cocktail dresses are meant to be lovely and elegant, and pulling wrinkled silk out of your suitcase isn’t going to cut it.  However, there are plenty of alternatives to packing something that needs ironing on the road. Here are some cocktail dress styles that you’ll find easy to flatten or even wear a bit wrinkled.

Mermaid Dresses

Because mermaid dresses are form-fitting, they’re generally made out of material that doesn’t wrinkle. And once you squeeze into it, it accentuates all of the right places anyway, so no one will be focused on your creases. Plus, because they’re tight, they’re made out of less material, so they will tuck up nicely in the corner of your bag for easy packing.

Strappy Numbers

Something with thin straps and a full skirt is the perfect little ditty to wear out at night. Pick a dark color that won’t show wrinkles, and focus on materials like chiffon that are meant to look a bit ruffled. Or ruffles. Feminine and flirty all at the same time.

Off-Shoulder Dresses

An off-shoulder or one-shoulder dress is generally form-fitting (like the mermaid) or flowing. Something that drapes over your shape will give the illusion that the material is free and loose, making wrinkles appear less atrocious.  Hone in on fabrics that are wrinkle-free. Soft fabrics wrinkle less than crisp ones. Knits material lends itself well to rolling and then falling back into place quickly. Spandex also travels well. Easy-care fabrics like cotton, linen, and microfibers are simple to de-wrinkle once you arrive.

If you plan on needing cocktail dresses while traveling, use some of these tips to arrive in style.