Working-from-home; remote working; online jobs – these terms have become more common during the recent pandemic and consequent lockdowns. What used to be rather unusual has now become the norm – leading to more work-from-home job opportunities and remote working possibilities.


This blog post outlines 5 jobs that you can do remotely and don’t require you to commute to an office everyday – all you need is a good Internet connection and your personal workspace!



  1. Freelance Writer/ Copywriter or Blogger

If you have a way with words, enjoy ideating and putting those ideas into words then consider a career as a freelance writer or copywriter. You can advertise your skills on various social media and networking groups (or through word of mouth), or alternatively, sign up to a copywriting agency that will give you regular work.


If you have a particular niche you’re good at, you can even think of starting your own blog. Over time, you can start earning through sponsored posts, banner ads and affiliate marketing as well. 


  1. Online Tutor

Pre-pandemic, tutoring was always done face-to-face, either one-on-one or with a group. But with extended home-learning through the past year, people have realised that tutoring can even be done online, via Zoom or Google Classroom. 


So if you’re good at a subject and have a qualification to teach, then online tutoring could be for you! There are always parents searching for good online Physics tutors or online Maths tutors or tutors for GCSE’s and A-levels. 


  1. Online Marketing/ MLM Marketing


MLM marketing, or multi-level marketing is something anyone can do – you don’t need a degree in marketing or even knowledge of marketing. You should just be passionate about the product/s you are selling; know everything about the products, have access to the Internet and you’re good to go. You do need good networking skills, but with social media, that’s half your job done!


Businesses like Avon, Arbonne, various perfume businesses are all based on MLM marketing and can bring in some good passive income. 


  1. Start Your Own Etsy Shop


If you are creative and are good at making things which you would like to sell, but don’t have the capital to open your own store, don’t worry, you can do that online as well. Selling things on Etsy has become a convenient and profitable business for many creative folk. 


  1. Become A Virtual Assistant


Virtual Assistants are also becoming hugely popular these days. The best part about a Virtual Assistant or a VA is that the range of work available is so vast, that you can be from practically any field and still be a VA. VAs do everything from admin work to scheduling meetings and answering emails to booking flights to managing accounts to even looking after a company’s social media account!


Another positive aspect is that a VA does not need to be tied down to just one company or job – as long as you can manage your time effectively, you can take on different VA jobs for different companies.