Visit Corfu

If you were a huge fan of the Durrells when it aired, then you do not need any convincing about the beauty of Corfu. The TV show followed the adventurous life of the British family (The Durrells) on the Greek island. One of the reasons why The Durrells was popular on TV was the location where it was filmed. The magical island of Corfu quickly became a favourite holiday destination among the show’s viewers.

Corfu has so much to offer in terms of its physical beauty and its rich culture and traditional heritage. A single visit to the island is not enough to see all that it has in store. You need several visits to see most of it. For most visitors, popular tourist destinations will be enough to create a memorable experience. But if you want to see more, then you need to blend into the island like the Durrells.

Experiencing Corfu like a local is worth every minute, and you will also get the chance to see some of the hidden gems not part of any travel guides. If you want to visit the island of Corfu with or without kids, like the Durrells, we put together this article just for you.

Visit Danilia

There are several spots on the island where you can relive some of the scenes from The Durrells. Visit Danilia where the TV show was filmed and soak in the beauty. There are two town squares, a picturesque church, outdoor and indoor bars, and a traditional bistro. Take a stroll down the narrow streets and observe some of the preserved buildings and other landmarks that are reminiscent of the TV show. An interesting fact is that a few scenes in the James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only, were shot in Danilia.

Mediterranean Cuisine

One thing that you are never going to have enough of is Mediterranean cuisine. Everyone enjoys some quality time whether it is a savoury home-made dish or one prepared by an experienced chef at a resort, enjoying the views of the old fortress while sipping on a glass of wine, and being entertained by dance and music. All of these and more are provided for you in Corfu. If you are looking for some of the best dishes in Greece, several Greek taverns and restaurants are serving the best. The aromas of different kinds of Mediterranean cuisine fill the air as you walk down the streets of Corfu. It is indeed enchanting.

Try out the Greek salad and the delicious moussaka along with some tzatziki. Everything you need to create the perfect Mediterranean meal can be found at the local market.

Buying property in Corfu

If the island of Corfu turns out to be as great as it looked in The Durrells, then maybe you wouldn’t mind living there. Some visitors end up buying properties on the island and make it their retirement plan, or you could buy a property for investment purposes. The property market is growing and is best for long term investment. There is a wide range of property options with similar access to the beaches and beautiful scenery. Beachfront properties can cost up to €800,000 and above, and you can also find family homes for less than €200,000. Visit to explore property options in Corfu.