We usually take holidays to hot countries and more recently have been travelling in our motorhome, so a ski holiday is a bit different to the norm and a bit more daunting than usual!  I’ve been reading lots of articles about what clothes I need to take and whether I should buy equipment or whether I should hire it when I am there.  A friend told me that taking lots of layers is a good idea, some days you can ski in a t-shirt and sunglasses and other days need a ski jacket and goggles!  I am also a complete newbie when it comes to ski lift passes or ski schools.  I am a bit worried that the kids will be so good they will embarrass me!  For hubby I have been looking for men’s ski jackets.  I love the look of this one, with its bright red, white and blue colours and strong pattern.  It’s got lots of pockets which I know he likes for his, phone, wallet and sunglasses etc!  

I also need to buy him plenty of layers to keep him warm (or cool!) too and have seen some fabulous men’s fleeces from base layers to mid layers to heavy weight fleeces.  I like both the fleeces in the photo below.  Not so sure about the moustache the one on the right is sporting, I think I would take a razor to that if I was his other half!



For me, I’ve seen lots of women’s ski jackets that I love.  I also love the outfit below but might be worried that I would blend into the snow too much – I think with my skiing I need something bright that says ‘watch out, avoid me at all costs’!

Finally I have been researching ski trousers for women and have found some fab looking styles, like these amazing stripy affairs.  I think with these, they would definitely see me coming!  I am desperately searching for warm and comfortable ski pants too.