If there is one decision for every teenager that is absolutely huge, it’s whether or not they should go to university. It’s not that there are teenagers who are adverse to further learning, although that probably is the case in some schools, but there is a severe shortage of teenagers with the right confidence to believe that they can study anything. University is the time for most teenagers to absolutely shine, and being able to be at uni and away from parents and away from all the friends, guess your chance to start an entirely new life. 

Whether you need the help of a personal statement editing service, or you speak to your tutors about helping you with your application, there are plenty of ways that you can help yourself get into uni – but it’s only going to work if you know why you are going in the first place. Below, we’ve put together some of the best reasons that you should say yes to uni, even if you’re not sure about what you want to study just yet.

  • You’re going to get a degree. Is there any better reason to go to university than the fact that you’re going to come out with a degree? There are some professions that are not in need of a degree, but there are others that do require you to have that amazing piece of paper before they sign on the dotted line. It may seem like an obvious thing, but there are some fields that do require you to have a degree such as law, sciences and even medicine just to be employed. It’s a good investment, because even if you change your mind about the career path that gives you, you still have a degree to jump off of to go to graduate school.
  • You get to start again. Secondary school is always hard for anybody who is just a little bit different, but when you go into university, and then out into the world – the whole world is your oyster. You learn to find your people, to socialise, and you start again in an environment that is completely removed from what you are used to. It feels like coming out as an adult for the first time, and these are years that you get to be as free as you want while also getting amazing qualifications.
  • Extra fun. If you’ve been at the same school for so many years, the chances are that you wouldn’t have gotten involved in too many extracurriculars. Universities are famous for having a society for everything, which means you can pick up your hobbies, change your tastes, and spin in new circles of people that you may not have had a chance before. You get to choose new things and that’s one of the best reasons to go.
  • You get to move out. Have you daydreamed about living in the city? Have you thought about moving away from home and starting from scratch? That’s exactly what university gives you – experience.