Travelling with a young family is really exciting – the feeling of being able to show your children somewhere new (whilst having some time out for yourself, too), is like no other.

The UK has so many fabulous places to offer, have you considered a day trip to Cambridge, the beaches in Hampshire or camping in winter?  There are so many places across the globe to choose from for family holidays, but doing something different (instead of your standard one week holiday to a Spanish resort) will leave the family with lasting memories to treasure.

They’re even great if you’re travelling when pregnant.


England is a perfect family friendly destination and has some wonderful, safe and clean beaches.  The weather is of course better the further South you are, so the beaches of Devon and Dorset are perfect.  Or what about Trevone Beach a perfect Cornwall beach with kids?  



Home of all things Disney, Florida is the go-to for a young family. It’s pricey, so will probably be your blow-out holiday for the next couple of years, but the looks on their faces when you arrive will be oh-so worth it.

The best way to enjoy all the sunshine state has to offer is to plan ahead and book the theme parks, but have days as ‘breaks’ in-between where you can hit the beaches and travel down the coast. There’s Disneyland, Universal Studios, and plenty of water parks – you’ll be able to keep everyone entertained for hours on end (and knacker them out, too!).


Yes, it’s a long flight time (one of the longest) but Australia is the ultimate bucket list destination for any family.

Beaches, fantastic wildlife, theme parks, cultural sightseeing and big cities; the Aussies are spoilt for choice. Taking the kids to Australia is a holiday they’re always going to remember, so make sure you take at least two weeks out to enjoy it all. Take them down the Great Ocean Road to explore new towns, coastlines, and more for a memory they won’t forget in a hurry.

South Africa

A South African safari is a very different but exciting trip for any family, especially those with younger children.

Think the Lion King in real life – they’ll be able to enjoy seeing all the different animals in their natural habitat and soak up all South Africa has to offer at the same time. Build in trips to vineyards, restaurants, and beaches and you’re onto a winner.

Puglia, Italy

With beaches, sunshine, pizza, pasta, and vineyards (for the adults), Puglia is perfect for young travellers and combines traditional Italian culture with a modern twist.

Just a short plane journey away, you can stay in one of Puglia’s traditional trullo houses in the countryside. Here, you’ll have access to your own pool and outdoor area (perfect for family BBQs), and still be close enough to historic towns and beaches to go exploring or take the kids on a sightseeing trip.  While you are in Italy, make sure you see Venice and Rome too.


The number 1 beach getaway, Mexico has soft, sandy beaches and turquoise waters which stretch for miles.

The year-round sunshine means it’s great for going during half term when prices might be slightly cheaper compared to the height of the summer, and the numerous child-friendly resorts come with children’s entertainment, large pools, slides, and more. Plus, you can recline with a cocktail all day whilst keeping an eye on things – perfect!


Or what about a trip to Norfolk to see the seals?