Denver, dubbed as the Mile High City, is more than those exciting rockies and trail hikes. It is the capital of Colorado, considered the gateway of the Rocky Mountains. Art lovers will also fall in love with their world-class museums. Walking around the park, you could already see the creative murals around. 


If you wish to travel around Denver, there are plenty of exciting things awaiting you. Known as the beer town, this place will surely interest beer lovers out there. In addition, marijuana is also made legal in this place. 


Making your way around Denver can be done either by trains, buses, taxis, or ride-sharing vehicles. These are options if you don’t mind spending time checking out their schedule. The Budget car rental in Denver is an ideal option to better enjoy your tour. Below are some of the reasons why renting a car is more practical when traveling around the city. 


Top Reasons Why You Should Rent A Car

Denver is a hotspot of a handful of tourist attractions but some of them are spread out. You still have the option to take public transportation, but some tourist attractions are not accessible to it. In addition, public transportation usually runs on schedule. Your itinerary could be tied depending on the availability of these public vehicles. Here are some of the benefits why a rented car is more appealing. 


Offers Freedom and Flexibility in Schedule

If you rent a car, you are in charge of your time and itinerary. You won’t be relying on the availability of taxis and other public transportation. In addition, you can plan out your day depending on the places you want to visit. You don’t need to check the schedule at what time the train or the bus comes. In addition, by driving your car you can decide where and when to have your bathroom stops or grab something to eat. 


Better Access on Trails and Rockies 

Nothing wrong with taking public transportation but it could limit your access to some gorgeous tourist spots. Unlike having a rented car, you have more accessibility to visiting major tourist spots such as the Rocky Mountain National Park, Pike National Forest, Summit Lake Park, Genesee Park with Buffalo Herd Overlook, and the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre. 

Offers Convenience 

Imagine if you are driving a rented car to explore the beauty of what Denver can offer, you won’t have to worry about securing a spot or booking your schedule. It’s more stress-free driving yourself around. In addition, it saves you more time and energy. If you are taking public vehicles with 3-4 luggage with you, it can get very tiring and frustrating. Having your own rented car and going from one tourist spot to another, despite having plenty of luggage, is more convenient. 


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Rental Car Provider

Finding a perfect car rental in Denver requires some research. Before getting all excited about your trip and booking that car provider, make sure that you’ve reviewed the company. Read about their customer testimonials, service reviews, and feedback. Find out about the quality of vehicles they provide. Check out some of the factors you should consider when selecting the right rental car provider. 


Company Credibility

Have you heard about the company from your friends? What are the things that they are saying about their experience with this car rental provider? If you don’t know anyone who rented a car from them, check out their website and social media account. Look at their portfolio and find out about their customer reviews and their online reputation. 


Check the Price Rate

Compare the prices offered by one company versus two more options. This will enable us to come up with an informed decision. In addition, compare the price rate when it comes to the day of the week, the season, and the length of time you need to rent it out. 


Car Size 

Does the car provider offer options based on your needs? If you are a family of 5 with two small kids with about six luggages with you. Will the car have enough space to accommodate your family and your belongings? Make sure that the rental provider can adjust to your needs such as having additional child car seats (if needed). 


Additional Accessories 

If you are visiting Denver for travel purposes, it would be great if the rented car offers additional accessories such as GPS units. This will save you time from getting lost. It would also be easier for you to navigate around the town especially if it’s your first time visiting the area. 


Where to go in Denver? 

Once everything is settled with your rented car, it’s time to explore the place. Below are some of the beautiful places Denver has to offer. Make sure to visit at least one of them. 


Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre 

If you want to see a world-class natural arena this is the place to visit. A seemingly magical place that can accommodate around 9000 seats, this is the venue for major concerts. 


Denver Botanic Gardens 

You don’t need to be a plant lover to appreciate this place. The relaxing ambiance it offers will surely take away any stress you’re feeling right now. There are about 50 gardens around its 24-acre area filled with plants and sculptures.


Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Take a peek at history with this impressive ancient collection displayed in the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. If you are traveling with your kids, this is an excellent opportunity for them to learn. 


Traveling across Denver is a thrilling adventure. Whether you are visiting alone, with family or friends this place has a lot to offer. Rent a car and get to know Denver up close and personal!