We all know that holidays are a great way to blow off some steam, and to feel refreshed after a long year of hard work at home. Sometimes, holidays can be a great way to meet up with our families, or to experiencing new activities like skiing, scuba diving, or surfing.


It’s also important to remember that for children, taking holidays can be a fantastic way of seeing the world outside of the confines they’re used to, expanding their horizons and helping them think on a larger scale.


Choosing a resort package or a standard all-in-one included deal can be a great way to take a holiday. It removes the inconvenience of intensive planning, while providing you an amazing experience you can come back from with a smile on your face. 


But if you wish to switch things up a little, it could be that choosing a holiday in line with your interest can be key. What does this mean though, and how could you apply it to your next family adventure? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:



Artists, Authors, History


Travelling to see the birthplaces or important life environments of the artists and authors you appreciate can be a fantastic place to start. For instance, visiting the birthplace of Shakespeare in Stratford Upon Avon, or heading further afield to see the great work of an incredible artist, such as the obvious Sistine Chapel, can provide the impetus to enjoy a more cultural holiday, one in which you can soak into your surroundings and think of what it must have been like for such a figure so long ago.

This can also work wonders if bringing your children along in support of some of their studies. In England, of course, there are many incredible Roman bathhouse ruins that have been preserved by Bath council and elsewhere, offering a fantastic place to visit and to see the actual location of such a historical monument.


Every single historical note of interest, every figure you admire, all of their work, well, it all happened on this planet, and so heading to a given location may be more feasible than you recognize. Even visiting a village or town from a movie or television show you like is valid. This can provide a lovely break from the norm, and gives you a chance to expand your horizons as appropriate.


Solidifying A Language


If you’ve been learning a language as of late, it’s hard to think of anything more worthwhile than getting out there and practising it. This might mean heading to Spain, or Germany, or a country where your practised language is spoken (Canada is a great place to practice French, for instance), and doing your best to speak it as much as you can while there can help you get some real-world experience. 


Of course, just like reading classic literature in the language it was written in, you also find that when you know the language, a place opens itself up to you so much more than it would have already. Just asking a waiter for a glass of wine becomes smooth and seamless. It’s little things like that which can make such a major difference in your travel experience, all for the better.


Learning History


Of course, a healthy interest in history is always worthwhile. If you find that you have a real love for the history of post-industrial Britain, including the model trains provided by British Live Steam at britishlivesteam.com.au, then why not think about travelling on some of those preserved old models still in operation today?


The Severn Valley Railway in the midlands, for instance, running through towns like Bewdley, Bridgenorth and Arley, has a range of classic trains that you can ride, taking you from picturesque village to gorgeous town. This kind of embodied history that you can enjoy when you explore and go out of your usual route is a wonderful way to learn. It might even be that you visit landmarks with historical context, like Stonehenge, and wonder how on earth people from 5,000 years ago managed to carry such huge stones.


For some with an interest in military history, visiting the location of major battles or perhaps even heading to places like Amsterdam to visit Anne Frank’s house can help you understand the cost and consequences behind such terrible grand campaigns and social upheaval.


Travelling With Your Taste Buds


All of the above advice can seem quite serious, so why not just travel for fun when you get a chance to? One of the best ways to travel without having to think too much about it is to go on a wonderful food tour. Perhaps you wish to try the best burger down a coast, or even better, enjoy freshly caught seafood there.


It might just be that you decide to check out a few five-star bars in a few major cities with your partner. Exploring with your stomach is just as valid as exploring with lofty ideas of learning. After all, food is the direct line to culture. You can learn much about a people by the kind of authentic food they offer. There’s nothing quite like heading to a Japanese Teppanyaki show, for instance, with its amazing sizzling showcase of grilled meats, vegetables and fish, with the trained chef throwing around their utensils in an artful manner. 


Perhaps you just want to visit Italy to try some gorgeous food and classic recipes the authentic way, rather than the somewhat sanitized versions in your country. No matter your goals, fun is the name of the game.


New Adventures


Just planning a fun adventure can be enough. You don’t have to be overly lofty or plan to ‘get’ anything productive out of this experience. Perhaps just taking your camera to a beautiful city and taking some pictures and doing some shopping can be enough. At least this way you get to enjoy recreation on your own terms, instead of feeling that you have to meet every event and recommendation a package deal throws at you.


With this advice, you’ll see how travelling in line with your interests can provide you a worthwhile experience you’ll remember.