According to the statistics, more and more families decide to live overseas. A vast majority of them opt for South America, Canada, and Europe. One of the main reasons why they want to take this step is due to enhanced quality of life and better career opportunities.

Therefore, if you’re planning this serious venture, yet you’re not sure which country is currently the best choice for you and your family members, then you should check out our suggestions below!

Top Places To Live Abroad With Family


New Zealand


If you’re tired of all the hustle and bustle and you’re looking for a more peaceful environment, then you should definitely select New Zealand. You can either opt for enchanting Queenstown (which is according to many very dynamic and loaded with interesting attractions) or Auckland (a cultural hub). 

Why is New Zealand so appealing to families? Well, that’s because it’s family-friendly, safe, and (as previously mentioned) very peaceful. Out there, you won’t have to worry about being attacked by someone since the crime rate is very low.

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What About Iceland?


Not only is this country known as one of the best destinations in the world for mums, but it’s also generally a perfect place for any working parent by virtue of the flexibility and benefits that Iceland offers to parents. 

What are the biggest advantages of moving to this country for parents? First and foremost, almost 90% of dads are able to take three months’ paternity leave and more importantly, practically every father who lives out there is continuously involved in a child’s childhood.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether a mother is currently working or is at college, she (and her baby) is welcome anywhere, even in parliamentary sessions. How come? Well, that’s because people believe that moms should always be close to their kids, particularly during the most crucial stages of development.


Adding One More Great Suggestion Below


And Last, But Not Least – Portugal 

One of the best things about this wonderful country is the fact that the cost of living is pretty affordable in comparison with other countries in Western Europe. Things like groceries and rent are not too pricey which is always a great thing for every family who decides to start over in another place.

Besides that, if you’re not a huge fan of harsh, cold winters, then you’re going to love Portugal even more, since winters are generally very mild in this country, plus it is packed with breathtaking beaches and friendly and polite people.

Our planet earth is filled with spectacular places to live, however, since we cannot name them all, we decided to single out a couple of countries that are going to make every expat (and their family) happy.