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As parents, we all want to help our children as much as we can, with every aspect of their learning. I believe I have discovered something that can help you, help them with their reading. Whether you have one or ten kids, whether they are in private education, a state school or educated at home, I believe I have found an online educational program that you can enjoy together. So next time you hear the words ” I need help with my homework” check out this excellent educational resource. 

When I first made the colossal decision to homeschool my two children, it was challenging not to allow  the weight of responsibility, overwhelm me.  Making the very best decisions regarding all aspects of their education was crucial.

Why do we use Reading Eggs?

Home education is very much about exploring all opportunities open to you and then working out what works for you and your family. During my very first home ed “meet up” with all the other wonderful home ed families, one experienced and knowledgeable home ed Mum took pity on my obvious panicked state. Those first few weeks panic even the most positive of people, the realisation of your responsibilities can hit hard. This particular Mum wrote down for me,  some of the online programs that she has used over her many years of educating at home. She also gave me some sound advice, which amounted to – Calm down, you are doing a great job. Give yourselves time to adjust. 

On her small list online recommendations was Reading Eggs. I loved the name straightaway and was keen to find out more. 

What is Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs was created by a highly experienced team of primary school teachers, writers and developers to Reading Eggs was created to help children become fluent and proficient readers. The multi-award winning early learning resource supports your child’s learning to read journey with carefully designed online reading games and activities that are easy to follow, self-paced, and highly engaging for young learners.

The Science behind Reading Eggs

The reason why over 91% of parents report a noticeable improvement in their child’s reading skills after using Reading Eggs is because the programme is based on solid scientific research. Using the five essential keys to reading success, the programme unlocks all aspects of learning to read for your child, focusing on a core curriculum of phonics and phonemic awareness, sight words, vocabulary, comprehension, and reading for meaning.

From the very first lesson, children are motivated and excited to learn. And the journey continues over hundreds of online reading lessons and thousands of wonderful e-books, guiding and motivating your child at every step of the way.

Princess D’s Reading Eggs experience 

The first thing to mention here is that Princess D started using Reading Eggs aged 6. She has never seen using the program as “work”. She loves it and always asks to do more. I believe that this is down to the fantastically fun, colourful and imaginative way in which the lessons are delivered. The children get to create an avatar who represents them through the program. Princess Ds is, inevitably, an elephant. 

Having sat the placement test Princess D would then enter a “map” page with approximately 12 lessons to navigate through in order. 

Each lesson will take on average around 20 minutes. I encourage Princess D to work through it on her own, whilst I keep a beady eye on proceedings, and am of course on hand for any questions. This encourages her to read the questions properly, problem solve and achieve of her own back. The language used is clear, positive and friendly, without a hint of patronisation. 

The adorable colourful characters are great companions as the children’s work through the challenges. Most lessons start with an explanation of the subject in question. Examples of the skill are given, before the children complete relevant question and solve problems. The skill is usually introduced in an number of clear and simple ways to ensure full understanding. Each lesson ends with the reading of a book related to the given subject. The children watch as the “golden egg” total increases with each completed task. Golden Eggs are earned and collected to use in your avatars home once your work is complete.

There are also games to play, as well as lots of books to read in the online library and lessons dedicated to improving spellings.  

At the end of each ” map” the children complete a challenge to ensure understanding. Depending on how they perform they can either re – do these lessons, or they are awarded a certificate. Parents are sent emails each time a map is completed, with the certificate attached to print, where applicable. 



Petrolhead A’s  Reading Eggs experience


Petrolhead A is now 11 years old. He started with Reading Eggs when he was 10.5 years old. After completing the placement test he was put onto the Reading Express version of the program ( aimed at 7 – 13 year olds).  To cater for the older age range Reading Express is more mature in the way it provides its lessons. 

The subjects become increasingly more challenging and Petrolhead A’s confidence in his English grammar work has improved hugely since suing this program. 

As well as working on reading, spelling and punctuation skills the lessons are also packed full of geography and history content.

Petrolhead A is always happy when its on the time table to do Reading Express, he enjoys that it challenges him but that the content is taught in a relaxed and interesting way. On the completion of each ” Map ” he too does a test on what he has learnt, so that both he and I can see how much he has grasped and if we need to go over anything again.

Reading Eggs for all 

Given my experience of both my children using Reading Eggs, I cannot recommend the program highly enough. It would be just as beneficial for children in school to use to brush up on their English skills when at home and for parents to keep an eye on their progress. I have recommended the program to many parents since we started using it. My God daughter uses the little tots version with her Mum and Dad and loves it. Shes fascinated by the bright colours and fun sound affects. I have friends with children in private schools and in state schools, all using the program,  and all thrilled with clear results. 



 Reading Eggs Customer Services 

The support and customer service on offer from the Reading Eggs team is second to none. They are so easy to talk to and passionate in ensuring children get the most out of using the software. They are open to feedback and suggestions about improving and developing the product. 

Reading Eggs Free Trial 

Here at Family Travel with Ellie, we are very excited to be able to offer you an exclusive 30 day free trial of Reading Eggs  – so, you can try before you buy! Check the program out, make sure its right for your family before you commit. Fantastic! Just click here to start your free trial  but be quick ,only a limited number of free trials remain ! 

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