One of the best things about homeschooling when you are a parent is the fact that you can cater for all your children, no matter what their ages are. Your kids can spend time together every day and you get to be with them while they learn. You can take them out for fun field trips and you can enjoy the world as it’s meant to be. They’re not thrust into the classroom with kids of the same age group, which means that they can be exposed to other age groups and people who will teach them things about life as they know it. 


Homeschooling is a valuable way to spend time with your children and it’s a great way to help them to learn interaction and social skills that they just wouldn’t get at school. It’s often harder to home school, though, when you have multiple children of different age groups. With the best teaching software system for middle and high school hybrid learning, you can help your kids to learn more. The thing is, you might not always find it easy. So, how can you homeschool different age groups and ensure that everyone gets a balanced education? 

  1. Use as many resources as possible. You need to know that you have everything in hand when you are teaching different age groups. With the right resources, you can ensure that everyone is going to learn at their pace – effectively, too! You can ensure that you cover all of the material that they need to learn and help them to learn their best at the same time when you ensure that you have more resources. We can recommend an excellent resource here for cheap indoor activities for kids
  2. Work different ages together. Just because your kids are different ages doesn’t mean that they should be separated when it comes to learning. In fact, they should be learning together anyway. When you work older and younger kids together, the younger ones get to learn from the older ones and you can make sure that everyone is comfortable with their learning no matter what. 
  3. Teaching independence. When you have children of different ages, you’re going to be able to teach them how to study and learn independently as well as learning together. It’s vital that they learn these skills because it’ll serve them much later on. Raising independent learners is important and you can ensure that they are able to accomplish amazing things when you teach them this. Your children eventually learn to be totally independent in their learning, and they can do it when you believe that they can. Financial intelligence is also very important so learning how to make money as a teenager is an excellent life skill. 
  4. Divide and conquer. If you divide their schooling into segments throughout the day, your children will be able to concentrate on the best parts of their learning day as they do it. You don’t have to have them studying for six hours at a time, either. They can learn everything that they need to in a few hours at a time – as long as you give them the chance to learn the content, you’re golden.
  5. Always start the day together. You might not be going out to the school for them to learn, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some school-like traditions, including starting the day together with breakfast and getting ready for the day at home. You can shop for the school curriculum together, too. Being out in the world together to learn will also make a huge difference, and while it’s challenging to home school a lot of different age groups at once, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. 
  6. Have some patience. It won’t always be sunshine and rainbows when you are homeschooling different age groups. In fact,  there will be moments you wish you had them all at school so you could have a little peace and quiet. However, these parts of life don’t last for long and the stress you feel during home education now will pay off later when you have happy kids who are passing all of their exams and more! 


Taking your kids from school and teaching them at home is a noble thing to do. You are taking the time to educate your children in a way that they won’t get elsewhere. It’s new, it’s different and it’s going to be life changing for all of you to be there together at home and learning. You can make this work and ensure that your kids are happy, healthy and learning effectively this way. Good luck with your homeschooling journey – you are going to love every second of working together!