Spain family road trip

Travelling is one of the most exciting things you can do; the whole world just opens up to you. And, many people get worried about travelling with children. 


Is it difficult? Is it more expensive? Don’t the children get cranky when on long-haul flights? Sometimes, but don’t we all a little bit?


So how can you make travelling with children fun, not too stressful and something you’ll all want to do again? 

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

Brains first

No matter how old your child is, they need to have their brains engaged in something. It will help them not to wander off, grab things they aren’t supposed to or get the boredom-crankiness. 


Teens and older will typically bring something to occupy themselves as you travel, but the younger the child, the more you’re going to need to prepare. 


Newborns to about two years old are super portable themselves – but they come with a lot of stuff. You create the environment around them, which is excellent when you are travelling. 


They most likely have an eating and sleeping schedule so that you can plan some travel around that. Most parents find that a travel system is the best option here. A few small toys, and you can probably keep the youngest occupied with ease. 


The middle ages between 2/3-14 can usually have a small bag with books, small toys, games or a tablet or phone in them. This can help pass the time at any layovers. 

Pack Lightly

There is a big temptation to pack as much as possible and then some. Instead, try to pack as lightly as possible. We often forget that wherever we are will likely have clothing stores, supermarkets and pharmacies. 


So if you arrived and realised you had forgotten all of your socks – don’t worry about it. Try just to pack the bare minimum. 


This means that the luggage will be light and easy to move around. 

Hydration and Snacks

Travelling can often cause people to be more or less hungry than usual, not always their regular eating times. Having plenty of snacks and water bottles will be a huge help here. 


Hungry people are often cranky, and that can make travelling less fun! Flight times can be extended when travelling, waiting times can be extended, and check-ins can be hours after advertised. Unexpected delays can mean you aren’t sure when the next time you will eat a meal. 


So always keep snacks around. 

Get discounts

Almost every country has a massive range of discounts or free things for children to do. Search online in the location you are travelling to – what deals or items could you get? 


Usually, children can have free or reduced travel on trains and buses, tours, entrance fees to attractions, restaurants or cafes. Although most of the time, the price reduction will be advertised online, some aren’t – send an email or call to see what you can arrange. 


And always remember if you are travelling during peak season, book in advance, try to arrive everywhere early – and search the internet for the most significant discounts! 


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