Disney Dining Plan

Disney Dining Plan Booking

Your dream Florida holiday is approaching. Your flights are booked, hotel chosen, Disney ears at the ready. But have you considered your dining options? It’s a very important subject that you really cannot afford to over look during your Disney holiday planning.

Why book Disney Dining?

It can be quite expensive to eat in Disney, particularly if you don’t book and plan in advance. Using the Disney Dining plan is the best way to alleviate any financial concerns surrounding dining during your holiday. It is very reassuring to have all your meals and snacks paid for in advance. If you book during certain promotions, stay in Disney hotels and book your park tickets at the same time you will often qualify for FREE Disney Dining – an amazing saving! Not to mention what an attraction Disney restaurants are in their own right.

Disney Dining Plan

Using the Disney Dining Plan, you are able to experience over 100 restaurants across the Walt Disney World Resort. Enjoy a simple snack at one of the self-service locations or indulge in waiter service at one of the sit down restaurants. It’s worth bearing in mind that you are able to start booking your Disney Dining reservations up to 180 days before you arrive.

What’s Included in My Disney Dining Plan?

One Self-Service Meal

A self-service meal includes one main course and one drink. Choose from an extensive variety of quick and easy options including burgers, sandwiches, pasta dishes and fresh salads.

Disney Dining Plan

One Waiter Service Meal

Disney are famous for their outstanding waiter service and delicious cuisine. The waiter service options include family friendly buffets (a firm favourite of the males in my household!), character dining (the ultimate favourite choice of my little Princess, and the ultimate way to meet your best characters), signature restaurants and dinner shows. The incredible variety available means that you can tailor a unique dining plan to cater for your own families needs and desires and ultimately please everybody.


One Drink per Meal ( alcoholic/non – alcoholic ) 

Enjoy a refreshing selection of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal.

Two Snacks

Snacks can be found at self-service restaurants, outdoor carts and merchandise boutiques. Redeem your snack entitlements for any one of the following items – soft drinks, bottles of water, fresh fruit and ice cream.

Disney Dining Plan

Disney refillable drinks cup

As part of your meal plan, each guest ( over 3 years old ) receives a refillable drink mug which is eligible for refills at drinks stations at any Disney Resort hotel.

More Disney Dining Information

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Disney Dining Plan

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