Now that some semblance of normality has resumed in the house with the kids back at school, and the Autumn Equinox approached, we can’t help but look towards winter. Half term is coming up next, then we have the winter holidays. We love to go ice skating in London and then we have the eye-wateringly expensive and stressful task of taking our wonderful family skiing.  If you are looking for somewhere to stay nearby, have a look at this review of the Georgian House Hotel.


It’s always magical once you are there but getting prepared to go skiing with the family can be very daunting. Especially as there’s the simple task of “getting your ski legs back”. By the time you feel you have warmed up and remembered everything “Klaus” from the Austrian ski school told you over a hot wine, your holiday is over and it’s time to head home. That’s without even mentioning the kids, who by this point are whizzing down the slopes with a sense of reckless abandon, and not much concern for the safety of themselves or others.


What if this could all be avoided and you would glide into your skis and down the slopes with the family like a pro. We can’t necessarily help with the expensive nature of family skiing or the stress of booking, but we can help get you ready for skiing by taking advantage of what’s right on your doorstep. Prepare mentally and physically with your family with Indoor ski slopes close to London.


Let’s dive in, mulled wine at the ready (You know, to get into the mindset).


Chel-ski Indoor Ski Slope


A whole lot of family-friendly fun, it’s the ideal way to challenge you and the children. The slope can be custom varied in gradient to suit your progression, and with the instructors being as relaxed and informative as they are, you will be able to stand next to an Austrian family and race the to the slopes with you get to the alps. However, lessons start at an eye-watering £225 but as an investment in skills? Worth it? It remains to be seen. . . 


The Guildford Ski Slope

With a wealth of knowledge through the sensational instructor, there really is no better way to prepare for your ski holiday. The instructors are geared up and ready for a family-friendly experience. They will put your kids at ease and have them swooshing down the slopes. Don’t waste valuable ski holiday time (and lift pass money). Get in touch for more info on prices and courses.

Sandown Ski Slope


The perfect Sunday afternoon activity with the family. They have four dry ski slopes ideal for any ability, whether you are a complete beginner or more advanced, they welcome everyone. They have a wide range of packages and lessons with really cool views over London. They also have a bunch of activities and adventures on offer which you know the kids will adore! Family lessons (4 people) can be arranged for as little as 4 People £124 per person.


Ski Easy Indoor Ski Slopes at Dukes Meadows


This is a new generation of indoor skiing experience using a continuously rotating ski track, it’s kind of like a giant treadmill, sounds ominous but it’s great fun. It’s similar to the one at Chel-ski, but Duke Meadows is by far the more affordable and cost-effective option, a family lesson coming in at just £45 per person.


Brentwood Park Ski & Snowboard Centre, Essex


Are you looking to brush up on your skills or prepare yourself for a winter holiday, then head to Brentwood! It’s the most affordable choice available in the south-east. A wholesome family run business that has been here since the late ’70s. Okay it’s not London per se but heading “into the burbs” shall we say, can save you some cash with the lesson as little as £50 pp, per hour. They also have some other epic adventures other than just ski and snowboard practice!

How To Dress


We thought it might be useful to include just a little section on how to dress for the dry slopes.

For mum and dad, we recommend waterproof trousers or your ski salopettes, yoga pants underneath could provide a little extra comfort. Remember warmth isn’t the imperative here as the dry slopes outdoors, and the indoor slopes aren’t baltic, its nippy but staying dry is the main aim. Then on the top, a nice thick hoody allows lots of movement or a light shell jacket. That will provide helpful ventilation when the stress sweats set in!


For the children, salopettes and a great shout, or even overalls if you have them. A nice warm winter jacket should do the trick on the too.

The most essential item on and off the slopes, whether they be man-made or out in the alps is SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS. Happy feet, happy skier and this is all the more relevant when you are hiring ski or board boots which can be a tad uncomfortable. If you have a good pair of socks that aid circulation, you will feel ready to put those skills to the test.


And that folks, is about it for the moment. We hope you find this article useful! Do get in touch ad send in your images if you head to the dry slopes this Autumn and have a great time getting ready for the slopes!