Spending a prolonged period of time driving your family on a weekend away can send you a bit loopy – if the kids aren’t distracted, chances are they’ll be distracting you. While it’s certainly best practice to take short breaks while on the way to your destination, here are five things that will make your life easier when you’re back on the road.


Whether you’ve got the luxury of an in-car sat-nav or simply use the likes of Waze or Google Maps with your Android Auto/Apple CarPlay, having a satellite navigation system to keep you on track will ensure that you’re still heading in the right direction even if the kids to break your focus for a moment. It’ll also ensure you don’t end up getting lost, which according to a recent study by UK based contract hire company All Car Leasing – getting lost is one of parent’s biggest fears when out on the road, second to other drivers.

If your car doesnt have Sat Nav built in, and you don’t want the inconvenience of a using a tiny phone screen to navigate by, then perhaps consider renting a car for your vacation. This will ensure that you can have all the extras you need to make your journey as comforatble and stress free as possible.


Both service stations and petrol stations often charge a higher premium for food and drinks, so if you have the opportunity to bring along some of the essentials from home such as a packet of biscuits or bottles of water, you’ll be able to save some more of your pennies to spend at your destination.

Tablet/Handheld Gaming Device

Nothing keeps kids quiet quite like a YouTube video or video game – while you could argue it’s becoming increasingly frowned upon, as long as they aren’t going to be zombies for the entire journey, having access to a handheld electronic device will let the driver have some mental relief. Educational switch games for kids would be an excellent idea, as these are expanding brain power as well as entertaining!


This is as much for everyone’s benefit as it is your own – listen to your tunes or videos without disturbing other family members or even the driver by bringing along some handy travel size headphones.

A Comfy Blanket

Chances are you’ll have woken up bright and early to arrive to your family outing with plenty of time to spare, but some family members may not be used to the early mornings and may want to have a little power nap on the journey to feel fully awake once you arrive. Plus, god forbid you have a breakdown and have to sit inside the car for a while before your breakdown service arrives, a warm blanket is often recommended to keep in the boot of your car just in case.

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