It’s almost that time of year again – the time when you decide where to take your family for the summer.


Since the world has been ‘shut down’ for most of the last two years, why not make the summer of 2022 extra special? Take your children to a place they’ve always wanted to go for a vacation they will never forget.


There are endless family-friendly places to go on vacation. While it’s nice to have lots of choices, it can make your decision harder. You want to find the perfect destination that is affordable yet has lots of things to do and places to explore.


Even after you have figured out where to spend your summer vacation with your family, you need to decide what activities to do. Keeping the kids entertained on vacation is a challenge in and of itself!


That’s why we compiled a list of three things to do on your next summer vacation with the kids.


  1. Take a Boat Tour


If you’re going to a small island or you’re staying near the beach, see if there are boat excursions available. Whether it’s one of the larger cruise-style boats or a small, manually-handled boat, you will be able to view the vast ocean.


Your kids will love experiencing the amazing ocean horizon. They might even spot a few sea animals, like exotic fish and dolphins.


Boat excursions are a once-in-lifetime opportunity. They provide you with the chance to see sights that you will never come across again.


  1. Visit an Aqua Park


Most hot tourist destinations have at least one aqua park, and they are perfect for a family day out. Your kids will love sliding down the huge slides splashing around in the water at the bottom before drying off in the hot sun.


You can turn your visit to the aqua park into a full-day trip, too. Spend the morning on the slides, then sit down for some delicious lunch or a refreshing smoothie before heading to another area of the aqua park. There might be a dolphin show or live penguin feeding session that you can see.


  1. Try the Local Cuisine


Most people search for restaurants that sell familiar foods, or they just head straight to a fast-food chain restaurant when they are away. However, when you’re traveling abroad, it’s the perfect time to try a few dishes from a brand-new cuisine that you’ve never tried before.


Spend some time exploring the local town or city to find a great café or restaurant that specializes in local dishes. This is a great way to get your children more interested in nutrition and help them learn about different cultures.


To make it even more exciting, teach your children some basic phrases so that they can order their food in the local language. For example, if you’re heading to Paris, your kids can learn some French phrases before your trip to impress the waiters and waitresses with their knowledge!