Football is alive and kicking in the UK. And with the Lionesses making the sport a more welcoming space for women now too, at least 100,000 more girls are playing football in England than they were five years ago.  

If you’re planning to spend some time with your family on the weekend, visiting one of the biggest stadiums in the UK could make a fantastic idea. No matter how old your children are, touring a stadium and feeling the atmosphere promises a brilliant experience out for everyone involved. 

So, once you’ve gathered everyone together for a top day out, it’s time to learn about some a few of the stadiums worth visiting. 


Football tourism: Our top 5 stadiums for a family daytrip  

  1. Anfield, home to Liverpool FC

Learn the vibrant history of Liverpool FC at Anfield Stadium.  

This fantastic venue offers an insight into Premier League life, alongside exclusive access to areas like the Player’s Tunnel and Dressing Rooms. You can take a tour with comprehensive audio guides or simply stroll through the grounds at your leisure.  

If you’ve got a young Liverpool fan in the family, this is a no-brainer. Once you’ve finished your tour, you can make the memories last by picking up some home kit or merchandise afterwards


  1. The Etihad 

Home to Manchester City, a tour of the Etihad stadium should be on the list for any avid football fan. Based on the outskirts of the city, this venue is easily accessible by car, bus or tram. It’s a top day out for the whole family too, and there are plenty of options for guests with special requirements – including tailor-made accessible tours.  

For an exclusive experience, you might choose to book the 120-minute VIP tour. This gives you the opportunity to explore behind the scenes, stepping into a side of professional football you’d never imagined before.  


  1. …and Old Trafford

If you’ve driven to Manchester, calling in to explore Old Trafford only makes sense. There, you’ll find the inspiring Manchester United Stadium Tour and Museum, which provides visitors with an immersive experience filled with memories, heritage and achievements.  

At Old Trafford, you’ll walk through living history and explore the sensational grounds too. You could grab some lunch while you’re there too in the stadium’s very own Red Café


  1. Tottenham Hotspurs

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium offers an exciting glance into the future of innovative football stadiums. This all-new facility opened in April 2019 and is now the largest stadium in London, complete with a maximum capacity of 62,850 – great news for the UK’s 15 million Premier League fans

Even if you’re not a Spurs fan, there’s plenty to see at this exciting new ground. Outside of America, this stadium is considered the only permanent home for NFL. It’s also used as a rugby stadium, boxing ring, and state-of-the-art concert venue too. If you’re visiting during the day, why not arrange a private tour to find out more about life at Spurs? 


  1. Wembley Stadium

Last, but certainly not least, visiting Wembley should be up there for any serious football fan in the UK. This legendary stadium is not only an exceptional events and music venue but famously hosts the FA Cup Final every year.  

It’s home to the England national football team, hosting their top performances and most infamous defeats too. Why not pay Wembley a visit on your next trip to the capital?