A large part of our European trip planning was getting the motorhome as comfortable and practical as possible.

Much of that was choosing the right flooring. Just like with a house, kids and dogs can really give floors a hard time, and of course in the motorhome there’s no porch or hallway, it’s directly into the living area. So the floor needs to be durable and easy to clean. Whilst I love carpets, we opted for lino in the main living quarters. It just seemed like a no brainer. We would be spending a lot of our time at beaches ( sand would be bought in ) and hiking ( mud would be bought in ). With lino its easy to sweep, mop and keep relatively hygienic.

However, in our motorhome we have separate bedrooms. And the thought of lino in the bedrooms just made me shudder. Whilst long term travelling and adventuring in the motorhome was our dream and we had absolutely no reservations about our life decision, there are certain things that I think are very important to provide creature comforts from home, and in turn a more conventional life. Stepping out of bed in the morning onto a cold and unforgiving piece of lino was not an option for me.


I made it clear to my husband that I wanted carpet in the bedrooms. I was concerned that finding the specific colours and awkward cuts of carpets that I required would be difficult, particularly as I did not want to sacrifice the quality. I needn’t have worried. We were recommended a place for some excellent carpets. I was absolutely spoiled for choice, with colours of carpets, texture of carpets and the awkward cuts were no problem at all.

So I got the perfect flooring solution in my motorhome, which was one more thing ticked off our list !

A great place to visit in Europe with the motorhome is Ciudad Encantada