Family time


If you find yourself too busy to spend much time with your kids, then sometimes planning a family holiday just for that is completely necessary!  Whether that is an all inclusive or camping at a festival. When your time is limited, you might find yourself feeling guilty, and need a way to make up for it. There are plenty of activities and things you could try to make that travel family time you do get special, and it’s something everyone can enjoy. The only concern you might have is the costs, as holidays tend to be pretty expensive, but not always! Try to focus on what you gain from bonding with your family; which is a closer and more loving relationship with your kids, something that most parents would consider as essential!


The beach


Depending on where you live, the beach is a great trip you should go on with your kids! If you don’t live near the beach, then a visit like this really is special and a day all the family can get excited about. While it might not seem like much, most beaches offer something for anyone, whether you want to sunbathe all day or even have fun on the beach’s entertainment. The beaches in Cornwall are amazing.  With kids, a trip to the beach generally means swimming, sandcastles, and arcades, and not to mention the ice cream. Sadly, this is something you can really do in the summer, as you can’t get the same experiences when the sun isn’t around, so take the opportunity while it’s there!

Out in the wild


While not all camping is strictly out in the wild, it’s certainly a big step from living in a house! The beauty of camping is the experience of nature and the fact that you can really do it anywhere you want. Most areas will have campsites you can stay at if you’re not feeling so adventurous, learn more. A campsite might be the essential option if there’s no land available for you to freely camp on, but that doesn’t really take away from it all! In fact, it adds the luxuries that you might miss if you had to go without them, like showers, toilets, etc. You should also consider, this one’s a cheap alternative to abroad vacations! Even camping abroad can save you money if you compare it to a hotel, so don’t be afraid to explore a little.




When it comes to sea life, there’s a chance that you won’t really see any of it through your entire lifetime, that is, unless you visit an aquarium. There’s something about sea life that’s just so interesting, as it’s almost a completely different world. Not just that, you also get the chance to see the scariest of predators up close, and that’s certainly something you can only enjoy in this safe environment! This is a fun day for all those involved, so you shouldn’t let the costs scare you. Just think, would you get an experience like this anywhere else? It’s not exactly like you’d have to return to it either, meaning that this is something you should value and share with your kids.

Road trips


If you’re looking for a close family bonding session, there’s nothing better than a nice long road trip to pull everyone together.  Before you go, have a look for some printable travel games and puzzles to keep the kids entertained.

After all, you’re all boxed into a car together, trapped with everyone’s thoughts! This makes for a great opportunity to get the talking going and the thinking flowing, with plenty of time to talk and learn about each other. Some might see this kind of trip as a nightmare, which depends on how you fit as a family in general, so if you’re having constant trouble with your kids; this might not be a recommended suggestion for you. That said, if you do need the time to talk and deal with things, there’s never been a better time.


Simple treats


There are simple days you can pick too, something that requires almost no planning and the trip runs itself. Firstly, you could consider taking your kids to a theme park, something very exciting for the younger ages! There’s no need to worry what age they are though, as there are different parks to appeal to different groups of people; some of which have rides for more mature visitors. It’s expensive, but your children are most likely to love it! Another trip you could consider, a little cheaper this time is the cinema. While it’s not exactly a whole day of fun, it’s still an exciting treat for all the family.  How about taking the kids strawberry picking? You’ll usually find something on that everyone can enjoy, so the timing doesn’t really matter either, so if you’re looking for something a bit more laid back; this one might be for you.


Something new


A lot of the time, the excitement can come from the surprise of the plan. If you don’t typically do much when it comes to adventuring, coming out with the idea of something like a hike or climbing activity might be new enough to be interesting. Taking a hike can be great fun with family, as long as everyone is interested in taking in the environment around them. Something like this can be especially thrilling if you live in the city and being surrounded by nature is rare for you.


Keeping your cool


If you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your family for a few days, it’s best to make sure you’re ready to keep up your patience. Everyone knows that kids can be exhausting and frustrating at times, but a negative atmosphere can ruin the experience completely. No one wants to be stuck all day with someone who might snap at them, kids are kids, expect that! If you do tend to be short-tempered, long trips might end up as something that’s dreaded and unwelcome. It’s best to just bite your lip and let your hair down, show your kids a fun time, and in turn, you’re more likely to enjoy it more too.