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4 Luxurious Present Ideas for Autumn

The summer is gone, but another beautiful season is already here; autumn. This season is always the perfect opportunity to do something new and amazing. Yes, summer comes and goes, and it is always a bittersweet moment but the fall season has the greatest colors of the falling leaves and the most amazing essence of …

Gift Guides

Christmas Gift Guide for Homeware Lovers 2019

Now, I love getting pretty things for the house, it’s absolutely my favourite present, and there are some absolutely lovely things in this list!   Disney Frozen 2 – Snowflake Pancake Pan Warm, fluffy snowflake pancakes make breakfast an amazing feast for Frozen 2 fans.  For year-round Frozen fun, but especially nice for weekends, sleepovers, holiday …

Gift Guides

Christmas Gift Guide for Foodies 2019

Christmas Gift Guides for Foodies 2019 – now this really is a gift guide after my own heart.  As you can probably tell from the amount of restaurant reviews on this blog, I am a complete foodie!  There are some lovely and unusual foodie related items in this gift guide – have a look! Booja-Booja …

Gift Guides

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids!

Christmas Gift Guide for Kids 2019 – here are some fabulous suggestions for what to get the kids this Christmas! Blopens Rainbow Kids love blopens as they can easily create fantastic pictures with amazing airbrush effects! You can combine 3 colours into one Blopens tool to create rainbow-coloured drawings. Blopens can be found online at …