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Shreks Adventure London – Review

Shrek Adventure
Shrek Adventure

Shreks Adventure London

There are so many brilliant things to do with kids in London, some you need to pay for but so London has lots of great things to do for free.  On this occasion we paid to see Shrek’s Adventure.

We booked our Shreks adventure London tickets via London Attraction Passes. We were able to get tickets for 2 other attractions at the same time (London Eye and Sealife)and the prices were very favourable. Having read some reviews on Shreks Adventure I was a little nervous about my choice. Opinions were rather mixed with a few people stating the attraction was over crowded and disorganised. Being half term I figured we would be there at its busiest time and I was prepared for chaos.

Shrek Adventure
Shrek Adventure

Well, I needn’t have worried. The entire experience was fantastically organised, well thought out and immense amounts of fun. We had booked for 11am, arrived at 10:40am, and the doors were opened at 10:50 am. Quite a long queue had started to form outside at this point, getting there early was a good choice. We had our tickets scanned and went straight on through. Everywhere had a clean, modern and organised feel.

Shrek Adventure Tour

You navigate the tour in a group. Our group consisted of around 20 people. Some people had push chairs. Reviews state that the attraction is aimed at children aged 6 – 12 years, but there is no age restriction. You do come across a few scary (ish?!) characters, and there are a few bits that are designed to startle you, but nothing at all sinister, so unless your child is particularly nervous, I think almost all will love it.

Shrek Adventure

Off you go on a fun filled tour that takes place in Shrek’s home, the magical and mysterious Far Far Away. You find yourself being transported to Fairytale World. Here you come face to face with some familiar faces and one particular devious little character. Prepare to join in, to sing and to dance. Each part is fantastically portrayed by enthusiastic, talented actors and actresses. There is plenty of opportunity for the children (and adults!) to participate. My 6 yo daughter was in her element being so involved and immersed in the action. My 10 year old son, isn’t so keen on audience participation. He was a little on edge because of this and occasionally hid behind me ensure he was not singled out to join in!

The Shrek 4D bus ride is fantastic fun and exhilarating. It is not frightening unless you are particularly sensitive to motion/surprise.

Watch out for the Shrek Mirror Maze. Our group took the wrong path on many occasions and ended up being rescued by Sleeping Beauty – all part of the fun, nothing to be concerned about!

Helpful information

There are fun and imaginative professional photo opportunities.

Videoing/ photography on your own device is prohibited.

Shrek the adventure duration – The tour lasts approximately one and a half hours. A bit pricey for the short duration but worth it in my opinion for the sheer originality and enthusiasm of the staff. It is well situated next to The London Dungeons, Sealife, and the London Eye, so its very easy to fill your day once you have finished Shreks Adventure.  There are also a few fast food restaurants within easy walking distance if you wanted to plan lunch, although between 11am and 1pm the queues were huge!

There are well sign posted restrooms in good clean condition (and some top notch toilet humour to accompany your loo – break!).

Shrek gift shop

A very well equipped gift shop awaits you on your exit, with souvenirs to suit all budgets. I like the children to spend a few pounds of their pocket money at each attraction we visit, so they have reminder of their experience. It is so frustrating when supposedly family friendly places don’t cater for pocket money budgets.

Shrek Adventure
Baby Ogres, available in Shreks gift shop


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