Ok, it’s December already and although I completely love Christmas I am starting to get stressed.  It’s always the same – it’s money or at least the lack thereof!  This year I will be using cashlady.com but want to try and change things next year.  So, here I am committing to myself a plan to save money for next Christmas so that I won’t be in this situation again.  So, how am I going to achieve this?  I have a plan…

First on my money-saving ideas list– I am planning to put all my spare change into one of those sealed pots.  It has to be sealed as otherwise it would be too handy to borrow for car parking etc.  You can buy a large can styled pot that you then have to open with a tin opener to get into.  I am going to buy one of those.  Some people decide to save a certain coin – like all the 50ps in their change have to go into the pot, but I think I will just tip my spare change in there whenever I have any in the lead up to Christmas.

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Secondly, I am going to declutter the house in the New Year.  I really have too much stuff and we tend to save things ‘just in case’, but just in case rarely comes and then I can’t move for clutter!  Besides, I hear decluttering is good for the mind.   So, I am going to sort through my cupboards and be really ruthless.  Where is the money saving in this I hear you ask?  Well, all the things I have saved, I shall pop on Ebay.  Then any money I make on Ebay will go straight into a separate savings account.  Preferably one that I can’t access very easily.  Just like the sealed pot, if it’s easy to get at, it’s just too easy to spend!

Thirdly, I am going to cut down on my outgoings.  I generally have two expensive coffees a week while I am out and about.  I am going to only have one and then make sure I pop the money I would have spent into my sealed pot.  £3.50 a week does not sound much, but is £182 over the year.  So that’s my early New Year’s resolution!