Florida is known as the sunshine state, and for good reason. Most of the year you can experience the lovely glow of the sun, whether it be really hot or really not! The vibe in Florida is always amazing and laid back, mainly because the weather is just so nice. As most Americans are, the people of Florida are lovely and welcoming, especially in the more tourist populated areas.  You could start your day with a laid back breakfast at The Grand Floridian Cafe.  So, if you feel as though you’re going through some troubles at the minute, and a holiday might be on the cards for you, here’s why you should let Florida melt your troubles away.

The Beautiful Beaches


It’s important to remember that Florida is a big state, so which beach you go to all depends on which part of Florida that you’re planning to go to. For example, you’ve got the famous beaches of Miami tha attract literally hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The beaches are long, filled with people rollerblading or surfing, and it’s just an amazing atmosphere if you want to relax. However, it is pretty mainstream and it is always packed. So, beaches such as those in Florida Keys might be more appealing to you. Although the beaches of Miami are relaxing, the ones in Florida are just taking it up a level. Easily one of the best is Siesta Key beach. A white sand beach with lovely warm waters, and the name literally says means having a nap! When you’re done for the day, you need to find accommodation such as the Courtyard Sandestin at Grand Boulevard. One that’s going to put you in a good location for exploring, but also offer you the most comfortable experience. Fortunately, Florida is rammed full of hotels and villas available for travellers since it’s just such a touristy place, so you shouldn’t struggle to find somewhere to stay that is going to suit your budget and your needs.


The Crazy Fun

Florida is known for having fun, First off, you’ve got all of the crazy theme parks that just seem to be growing and growing. One that we really recommend you visit is the Universal Studios, purely due to the fact it now has a massive Harry Potter world experience. Like with everything in American, they’ve gone big, and that’s true for all of the rides in the rest of the park as well. If you have no fear, The Hulk ride is for you. You should also try and check out the new Volcano Bay water park.


The Shopping Experience


Most of American is known for its shopping experience, but Florida has some of the best shopping malls there is. Miami is the best for the beach front shops, but they are more pricey than the ones you’d find in Orlando for example. If you are going to be in Orlando, the Orlando outlet marketplace should be on your hit list. If you take just a days worth of spending money to go shopping, you’ll come away with more goodies than you will during any shopping trip.