Although the days are getting slightly longer, it’s still mid-winter. Infact February is experiencing some very chilly weather due to icy weather influenced by Siberia. At least we are not experiencing the temperatures as those experienced in Pyeongchang, South Korea for the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics – minus 20! If you and your family fancy a fortnight in the sun, the summer holidays seem an age away. Why not go abroad at Easter for some warm sunshine and spend the summer holidaying in Britain, when it is British summer time? Hopefully there will be some summery weather in the long summer break, so by travelling abroad at Easter your are, in essence, extending summer.

So where in the world should you travel for some guaranteed Easter sunshine? It depends on how far you wish to travel and whether you are seeking tropical heat or just a warmer climate than the UK.

The Mediterranean can be beautiful with an abundance of flowers and festivals, however the weather will be cool on an evening and has the potential to be cold and rainy during the day! On the other hand, you could fall lucky and spend a couple of weeks basking temperatures of 20 degrees or more. It depends how much you are relying on the weather being warm. If you take the risk and the weather is poor you could always hire a car from europe car hire and explore areas off the beaten track and immerse yourselves in local culture.

The Canaries would be a more reliable option, if wall to wall sunshine is a major requirement for your family. The Canary Islands experience warm weather year round and has been a popular winter destination for years. In Spring the weather will not be as overbearingly hot as summer, but it would certainly be warm enough to swim and sunbathe.

This article aims to highlight perfect destinations for a warm family Easter break.

The Canary Islands, Spain


The Canaries are an archipelago of islands of Spain situated in the Atlantic Ocean and are around 100km from Morocco. There are seven main islands, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. Most people opt to visit Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. The Islands offer fabulous natural attractions, including sand dunes, volcanoes, amazing white sandy beaches and mountains. The climate is subtropical and boasts year round sunshine. The Islands are very popular and can be viewed as a little touristy in some parts. If you prefer an Island that is a little less spoilt you could stay on La Gomera or El Hierro. Flight times are approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes and airlines fly from most regional airports. If you travel to the Canaries at Easter you should experience around nine hours of sunshine.   


Spring is the best time of year to travel to Cyprus, as the weather in July and August is too hot to venture inland from the coastal breezes. In spring temperatures can reach up to 27 degrees. Cyprus has many other attractions to visit other than the beautiful coastline, there are many archeological sites to discover as well as beautiful countryside and villages. You can fly to Cyprus in 3 hours 45 minutes from the UK.


Madeira enjoys pleasantly warm temperatures year round, but really starts to warm up in April. Madeira is a tiny island and can be reached in 3 hours from the UK. For such a small island the diversity of its landscape is incredible, from the snow tipped mountains down to its warm crystal waters. Madeira isn’t particularly famous as a beach destination due to its rocky coastline, but the stunning landscape certainly makes up for the lack of sand. In spring Madeira bursts into colour, with a plethora of flowers and greenery. There are plenty of activities a mountain safari being one of the most popular. You can even take a cable car to the hilltop town of Monte, a definite to keep the children happy!


The Greek island Crete is a fabulous place to visit at Easter. Easter is the most important part of the Greek calendar and the churches are a sight to behold as they are decorated with flowers and fruits. Crete experiences one of the earliest springs in the Mediterranean area. The warmest part of Crete is on the south coast, which is warmer than the north of Crete. The crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea can be easily reached in around 4 hours from the UK.


If you’re prepared to travel a little bit further than the med and canaries, Orlando could fit the bill as a dream family holiday destination at Easter. Orlando is situated in the US state of Florida,   the temperatures rise to a balmy 28 degrees and there is so much to see and do! The area is full of theme parks, providing the ultimate in thrills, adventure and excitement. It is a city that provides entertainment for all tastes including foodie, shoppers, golfers and thrill seekers. The flight time to Orlando is around 9 hours from the UK, but your family won’t be disappointed.


Dubai is rapidly becoming one of the leading locations in the world for family holidays. Dubai combines the delights of a city break and beach holiday in one destination. There are beach resorts, museums, theme parks and shopping centres to visit and the skyline is stunning and forever changing. The best time to visit Dubai is in Autumn and spring as the rest of the year is intensely hot, not great for small children who are not used to a hot climate. At Easter the temperature could reach 30 degrees, so you will certainly find sunshine! Dubai can be reached from the UK in seven hours.  Or you could combine with nearby Abu Dhabi or Oman.


To conclude, there’s so much choice when choosing a sunny holiday destination at Easter. We haven’t mentioned the Caribbean, Mexico and Thailand which are also excellent family holiday destinations. If you are prepared to travel, sunshine can be found at anytime of the year. So, dust off those passports and get planning!